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This story is a sequel to Windfall

A brilliant mind discovers a problem in search of a solution, which leads to inspiration, which leads to invention, which leads to a technological/magical advance that will in time forever change Equestria.

Sequel to Windfall, set three years after the events in that story.

Chapters (44)

Rainbow Dash gets the chance of a lifetime when she receives a letter inviting her to the Wonderbolt's training camp for tryouts! With her now coltfriend Big Macintosh in her corner, as well as her five best friends, Dash is determined to make her dreams come true! As she discovers certain obstacles in her path, how much will she sacrifice in order to realize her ultimate goal? Will her relationship with Macintosh survive her ambitions?

Featured on Equestria Daily.

A direct sequel to At Home On The Range.

Chapters (28)

Big Macintosh is the sexiest stallion in town...and he hates it. Endless mares harass him and his family; he becomes convinced he'll never find the one. Or maybe he will in the last mare he expected. Meanwhile, Twilight tries to open up to a relationship while struggling with the stress of being Celestia's student and the consequences of her decisions.
Rating may change in the future
Cover image by KittehKatBar of DA

Chapters (11)

Featured on 8/24/14

Author's Note: This story takes place mainly in the MLP comics universe. If you haven't read about this particular arc, you'll most likely be lost.

Twilight and her friends have "freed" Rarity from the grip Nightmare Moon had on her. But the spirit has left one last surprise for the fashionista; something that changes her life for the worst. Now forced to hide her secret in fear of being an outcast to other ponies, Rarity and her friends must find a way to reverse what Nightmare has done. Yet it won't be simple as two ponies who know Rarity seek to expose her to the world. Not only that, but Rarity must try to understand her thoughts for one of her closest friends.

While this story does take place in the MLP Comics universe, there is continuity from the show itself, but there are some alterations. For example, Twilicorn never happened, so she's still a unicorn. Secondly, this story will most likely dismiss any future events that happen in the final episodes of season 4.

Special thanks goes out to Arby Works for the great cover art, the Sparity Skype group that assisted in prereading the story to ensure quality, and thanks to you, the reader, for taking a look at it.

Chapters (13)

Applejack has always viewed herself as a simple farmer, nopony to make a fuss over. However, two of the most famous and wealthiest stallions think otherwise, and are willing to spend every bit they have on her. Who will win Applejack's affection before their bank accounts hit zero?

Thank you to TheMaskedFerret, Jake the Army Guy, Docontra and Skeeter The Lurker for the edits.

Thank you goes to handiNavi for the cover art!

Chapters (6)

Rainbow Dash's life is pretty sweet right now. She's a full-fledged Wonderbolt, she has a hot coltfriend, and all the fame, fortune, and glory that she could dream of. Yes, Dash is living the dream, all thanks to her being the most awesome mare in Equestria.

However, while on a date with said hot coltfriend, Rainbow Dash learns that there are drawbacks to being so awesome.

My part of a shipping trade between myself and The Fantabulous Mr. Lemur. Eternal thanks go to Marshal Twilight, Captain Unstoppable, and Bad_Seed_72, whose help made this possible.

Cover art graciously done by the insanely awesome KarmaDash!

Chapters (1)

Pinkie managed to arrange a formal dance in the Ponyville Park for Heart's Warming.

However, her idea is dependant on the need for a dance partner, so she goes about telling everypony to try to find a date before hand. Needless to say, this causes a bit of a stir as, with just about three days notice, everyone needs to find said dates as fast as they can. Hijinks ensues.

(Originally a one-shot, but now will be split into multiple chapters since it got a lot longer than I thought :derpytongue2:)

Pairings: MacDash, SoarinJack, FlashLight, FlutterCord, Rarilane, CheesePie, LyraBon, DocterDerpy, FeatherLoo, ButtonBelle, SpikeBloom and RumBabs

UPDATE: Added AU because the show decided to give Mac a canon marefriend. *Shrugs* Fair enough, not gonna stop me shipping what I wanna ship though.

Chapters (5)

Wonderbolts are in Appleloosa and who else but Braeburn knows the Captain. But when her coltfriend seems too be hiding something who's going to tell Spitfire the truth?

Chapters (2)

Big Macintosh was content as a farmer. Happy, even. But after a horrible accident on Sweet Apple Acres, he and Soarin are re-built, better, faster, and stronger than before. But will they be left alone to live in peace, or are darker forces afoot?

Hi, everyone. This is based off of a short animation I'm working on. Basically, Big Macintosh and Soarin' get the whole Steve Rodgers, Terminator, Inspector Gadget treatment. The violence isn't that graphic, so no worries. I'd love any feedback that can help improve, so feel free to post comments. I'll try to keep updates to a schedule, but you all know how life is.

Chapters (9)

Applejack, honest as the day is long and just as reliable, discovers herself to be the center of an increasing amount of attention from a number of woodland creatures, and realizes that there's more to her than she realizes, and that her entire existence might be a lie.

Chapters (6)