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'Through worlds and sadness and loneliness, we found each other, and if we can be happy together, then maybe it will all have been worth it somehow.' - A man in love.

Jax wakes up in a forest. After a bit of confusion, he decides he wants to live, so he tries to survive.
Survival turns to living as he meets ponies, and although he tries to resist for a while, he finds out that ponies make great friends.
Then things get weird with magic, chaos magic, dark magic - pretty much all sorts of magic. Sombra makes a swipe for revenge, some sinister cult is working in the background, and somehow changelings are involved... or not?
It all leaves Jax pretty vexed. Luckily, he has Princess Luna to make him happy.

*Jax is my original character, he's not from any other fandom.

Events from movies and season 5 have not happened ^^

*Edited by MidnightBlossom from chapter 50 to 60, then preread by DJ7291993 from there and onwards.

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20-year-old Ryan Burbank is living with his girlfriend in their woodland home when he is struck by a mysterious infection seemingly out of nowhere. To everyone's horror, his sickness spreads quickly throughout his body, shutting him down one piece at a time. The doctors are at a loss of what to do about this new form of bacteria. Ryan and his loved ones choose to keep fighting until either a cure can be discovered...or the pain becomes too much.
At the height of his suffering, he discovers a happy little show while watching television in his hospital room. The bright colors and happy attitudes of the cartoon equines provide him with a much-needed escape from the daily pain of being killed from the inside.
Eventually, the pain becomes too much and he decides it would be better to go out surrounded by his family, in the embrace of those who kept him company throughout his short life. Just as he starts to fade, his eyes wander to the screen of the hospital room television and the cartoon ponies who adorn it. Something strange begins to occur...almost like the screen is pulling him in. Tunnel vision, maybe?
No, that can't be it...why can he hear his name being called by a very familiar voice? And why is she...crying? Who is this crying, familiar voice and why does she seem to know him?



Rated "Teen" for language and the "Sex" tag is for all of the sexual humor and suggestive situations. If I decide to up the suggestive stuff in the future, I'll change the tags and rating to fit that change.

Cover by enamis.

Chapters (21)

Note: This story is unedited by an editor, if you wish to help edit the grammar and such, you may merely ask.

Tags: Comedy...because Discord said so! Human because Jason and Alternate Universe due to some headcannon later in the story

Jason is the only Human in Equestria with some casual friends. Celestia is a Princess that does her royal duties every single day. When an unexpected delayed magical surge comes from Twilight Sparkle, it forces the pair to switch bodies unintentionally.

The problem is that there isn't really a way to replicate the conditions that did the body swap and that nopony else must find out or there will be reprecussions.

Thankfully, the pair have friends that can help them for the duration of the body swap.

Can these two unlikely body swapped victims live each other's life out? Or will somepony find out while the way to reverse this is being searched?

This won't be a trot in the park, that's for sure regardless of which way it goes.

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Mark was out of his league, fooling around with an immortal pony princess, and he knew it. To make life easier for himself, he accepted that as a undeniable fact. She would get bored and he would move on. He just didn't know that the great vain mare was called the Subtle Sun for a reason. And that her enemies called her that as an insult.

Princess Celestia didn't have a subtle bone in her body.

Currently rated T but I might bump the rating as the story progresses.

Now a one-shot.

Chapters (1)

I'm living the life, right? Well, I'm certainly living and I have part of a life, but together I think that's false. Not that I'm poor or sad or lonely or anything, I'm just sort of bored. So I do what everyone does when they want something and are too cheap or broke to buy it. I made a wish. But that big ball of cheese in the sky decided to turn red for the night. And in an alternate dimension some evil moon horse got shot with rainbow lasers. Guess where I am now.

And now I'm a horse that everyone in this crazy world wants dead. Or was I always Nightmare Moon? I can't tell the difference anymore.

-Gore tag is for some blood from mild violence and injuries. Nothing too major.
-Beautiful cover art by thechibicatz67
-Third rewrite going up now!!

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(What is There to Life My Dearest Moon?) Celestia has been long pained by the loss of her dearest sister to the Moon over 200 years ago. As an immortal goddess, how does one alleviate the pain within? Celestia finds that her human companion by the name of Leonidas could be her only consolation that the world has to offer.
Edited and Pre-Read by Izanagi

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I tried to have a normal day today. When I got turned into Princess Luna from a cartoon , I realized that this day would be anything but simple. But that's not all! I have her sister to worry about, these "Elements" I keep hearing about, and I have the original Luna in my thoughts, yelling away! Combine all that with no way to go home, and you got yourself a bad situation. What could possibly go wrong?

I know the Human In Equestria has been done to death, including the turned into an existing pony thing, but I, and a few others, have been surprised that no-one did one of Princess Luna! Nevertheless, here you go.

As always, tell me how I can improve the story a bit, constructive criticism is allowed, and have a good day reading my story!

EDIT 1 I will eventually do a rewrite to fix grammar, OOC, and other thing that have been brought to my attention. However, I will finish the story first.

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To help further improve the diplomatic relations between Earth and Equestria, a human was sent to live in Canterlot Castle; to live together in harmony with it's many servants, guards, and two princesses. This move was sure to help stabilize and strengthen the alliance between the two worlds.

There was one teeny, tiny, condition though: the human, for the duration of his stay in Canterlot Castle, has to serve one of the two princesses.

Now, if you're wondering who that human is, well look no further! I'm the human you're looking for. And who am I serving? Her name is Luna. Princess Luna. I'm already getting the feeling that this is going to go swimmingly. Unless I drown first.

This is a HiE (Humano in Equestriano). It's also a first-person fic, non-clop, and human-falling-in-love-with-royalty type fic. So, if you're not into that stuff, there's my early warning for yah. Haters aside, I hope you all will have a great time reading this.

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"You" have been watching your mom swoon over Octavia for a while now, and you finely think it's time that you did something about it. You have worked out the most amazing plan ever and your not afraid to use it. With it mom will at last be special someponies with Octavia!

Was bumbling around /mlp/ and made a thing. You might enjoy it, you might not, it's here either way. Updates will be very infrequent. They are also being presented to you as is, only edited to fit the general rules of the site.

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"You" are the son of the ever busy Princess Celestia, who despite genuinely loving you as much as any good parent should, can't make as much time with you as she'd like. Twilight, your unofficial big sister, tends to spend her time with you though if she isn't at one of her lessons or studying.

Was bumbling around /mlp/ and made a thing. You might enjoy it, you might not, it's here either way. Updates will be very infrequent. They are also being presented to you as is, only edited to fit the general rules of the site.

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