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Dawn Gazer is a mare who's down on her luck. She's been through school, she's gotten her cutie mark, and she's worked her tail off to get herself a job that will let her move out of her parent's house in uptown Manehattan. Unfortunately, no one seems willing to take her on board. With no one to give her a chance, she feels trapped. So, in an attempt to *make* something work out for her, she's heading out of the big city for a more humble base of operations: Ponyville.

With only enough money for a few nights stay at the local inn, and still lacking any specific skills to nab that perfect job, how far will she go to make something of her life? Will the change of scenery be just what she needs, or a whole new saddle-full of problems?

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I'm Twilight Sparkle and I've got a story for you if you want to hear it. Its a story of how Ponyville was blown up by one mare and her cupcakes. The reasons why and even a little bit of story about myself. I don't get a lot of time to tell you the story so it will take a few visits, but trust me it will be worth it.

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Going to clubs may seem rather odd for you, but you find enjoyment from it because of a certain DJ. You get the chance to meet her after a show, but would she ever feel anything for somepony with your condition?


More experimenting than anything. This was both a challenge and fun to do. Big thanks to slashe720 and Mustank for helping me with this story.

Art by yalcahoon.

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