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\m/ I like the devil's music (and his beard). Hide your daughters etc. I mostly write Discord stuff, because nobody parties like a trickster god.

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Discord has been sick for a long time. It's getting worse by the day. Equestrian medicine can't help him. He can't heal himself.

There is one hope: The fruit of a tree from his birthplace, the Garden of Elysium. Fluttershy takes it upon herself to make the journey with him, dangerous though it may be. On top of that, two young stowaways have joined the party. Pumpkin Cake is prepared to do anything to help Discord, and Pound Cake is frantically scrambling to keep his twin sister safe.

Monstrosities await them as they find that not everybody in Equestria wants to see the Spirit of Chaos well. Fairies, immortals, and ponies converge on Elysium, each with their own plans.

In the end, it will take courage to find the cure. But holding it together becomes more difficult as Discord continues to fall apart.

Rated Teen for

Scary Imagery
Perilous Adventure

Chapters (16)

Twilight and Discord are a long way from home, and have to journey through a realm of madness and chaos to get back to Equestria. Fortunately, this is Discord's speciality, so Twilight is in safe hands. Less fortunately, all the local gods want him dead.

Part of the Borderworld.

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Ever since she turned fifteen, Pandora Eris Sparkle has wanted to be a princess, to earn the respect and admiration of the ponies who look down on her for who she is. Now at last the day has arrived, but it might not all go according to plan.

Many thanks to Lopoddity for allowing the use of her fantastic characters in this story! You should totally check her stuff out on DeviantArt!

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