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Sometimes ponies just have a bad day. They spill their cereal, trip in the mud, have their checks bounce, and get attacked by an extradimensional geometrical entity. Villain Cube knows what that's like. He understands what they're going through. He's there for them, to listen as they bare their troubled hearts, and also to set them on fire.

Note: This story crosses over with Equestria Girls, but is set in the pony world.

Chapters (1)

Before coming to Ponyville, Pinkie Pie was a secret murderer. When she quit, she believed that part of her life behind her. Yet, there are things one cannot simply walk away from.

One day, a pony from her past pays a visit and asks that Pinkie do one last job. Having to target the mare she secretly loves, Pinkie Pie now has an hour to experience romance for the first time, before she has to do the deed.

Written for the 10th **** this prompt contest.

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Pinkie has a new friend. Oh, you can't see him, or hear him. He's in her head, roiling about like a little cloud. You're probably thinking, "She's just being Pinkie Pie."

Not this time.

Created for the Rage Reviews! group's 10th F*** THIS PROMPT! contest. Sorry guys, I'm drawn to contests like Pinkie is drawn to candy!

Written in a time crunch, so minimal editing has been done.

Artwork is by one Azalia, who appears to have disappeared from the interwebs entirely.

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The girls have graduated from Canterlot High School, their friendship strong as ever, and they followed their hearts' desires.

Pinkie Pie was not as lucky, though. While she did become a successful party organizer, she also has to share her life with a shadowy underworld that can threaten everything she holds dear.

But even in that underworld, she laughs. That's what she always does. Although if someone were to hear that laughter, they wouldn't laugh in return.


...they would be unable to.

As her friends are in danger from the bandits who hope to intimidate her family into submission through them, Pinkie reflects on this side of her life, the... other kind of laughter. And she worries that because of that laughter, she may lose connection to her Element of Harmony.

Written for "F*** THIS PROMPT #10" contest. Rated "Teen" for some swearing and gore and "Dark" for dark themes.

Chapters (1)

One summer morning, Twilight's study session is interrupted by her bubbly friend, Pinkie Pie. Alas, she could not foresee the horrendous news that would soon grace her ears!

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Pinkamena Diane Pie (to her friends, Pinkie Pie) has a secret. By day, she's a fun-loving party pony, but by night (Well, also during the day. She's not picky), she's a hitmare, working for the sectors of the government the classified sectors of the government say don't exist. As the best assassin in the agency, she's the one they turn to when presented with an impossible task.

OBJECTIVE: Kill the unkillable. Assassinate Philomena, Celestia's pet phoenix.

Written as an entry for the F*** This Prompt 10 Contest.

Fun fact: I've never seen Kill Bill. Good thing this isn't a crossover.

Thanks to a friend for helping me work out just how to go about doing this. Hopefully it turned out well. If it did, please hit that like button! (Alternatively, if it didn't, I can't stop you from pressing the other button. We don't talk about the other button.)

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Foreign royalty is visiting Ponyville to meet with Princess Twilight Sparkle. One of them, a sociopath named Prince Glut, abuses Pinkie into fulfilling his wishes. If she doesn't comply, the whole political meeting may be called off, or worse, something could happen to the Cakes.

Desperate to please the prince for Twilight's success, she keeps her ordeal a secret. Now she must find what Prince Glut has requested.

She needs meat.

This was written for the 10th Rage Review's F*** THIS PROMPT! contest.

Pinkie Pie is secretly a murderer!

Edited by AlicornPriest.
Preread by Malozi
Art used by tsand106

Chapters (5)

"Pinkie Pie is a murderer. Secretly, of course. Disappearances, carefully hidden. Small, subtle stains in the basement.

"Red Velvet is her next victim. She is going to die, slowly, alone and hopeless in the dark."

"That's weird, Pinkie. Stop talking."

Caution: Contains gore. Lots of gore. Sensitive cupcakes may want to avoid this story.
Written for Rage Reviews' F*** This Prompt #10.

Chapters (1)

Baking cakes, selling cakes, baking more cakes—it's all in a normal day's work for Pinkie Pie when the Cakes take the day off and leave her in charge of Sugarcube Corner. All she wants now is to prove that she's capable of handling anything life throws her way.

Just so long as life doesn't ask her to go upstairs.

Thanks to TGM, Rainedash, Kamikakushi, and Dubs Rewatcher for delving into the dark to preread this for me.

Chapters (1)

A while after the events of Griffon the Brushoff, it soon becomes apparent that someone is taking the lives of Ponyvillers. Someone who hates ponies. All evidence points to Gilda, so when a hot tip shows the location of Gilda's hideout, the Mane Six are called in to apprehend her and bring her to face justice.

This is rated "Gore" for (short) murder scenes, a modest amount of blood and some violence. But I'm trying to keep it down as much as possible. Comes seasoned with a hint of jokes.

This story was written for Rage Review's F*** this Prompt #10 Contest.

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