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On the edge of Equestria, the ponies had managed to befriend a small colony of changelings who only wanted to coexist peaceably with their colourful neighbours. To assist in the endeavour and help them find their own culture, several pony facilitators have traveled there to help train them in creative pursuits and the arts.

At Rarity's behest, Twilight was determined to bring the power of theatre to the benign changelings, but disaster has raised its ugly head on the day before they're scheduled to perform. Can the matter be resolved, or will they be forced to cancel the musical and go home defeated?


Written for an art jam to accompany a drawing, (cropped) cover art by myself and Jr.
Thank you to Handyman for proofreading.

Chapters (1)

Fluttershy, ever the happy animal caretaker, is approached by an animal, specifically a snake named Anika, who wants to take care of her for a change.

Contains hypnosis and peaceful cuddles with absolutely no harm coming to Fluttershy whatsoever.

Anika is the property of FluffyXai!

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When the long dormant portal to the lost colony of New Neighton reactivates without warning, Princes Twilight Sparkle sends a party of Lunar Guard bat ponies through on a special mission: Investigate the fate of the colony and its inhabitants, who disappeared without a trace 85 years prior.

Cover art and editing by Jude
Art of most of the main characters Here

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Hi. I'm Greg, but I'm pretty sure when you look at me all you will be able to think is Dizzy Do. Explanations about crazy, cartoon-world logic aside I have to admit I'm pretty sick of this place. Not figuratively, of course, but physically. Cartoon worlds are two dimensional visuals shoved into three, and it makes me ill just looking at it. But life's not all bad. I have a job, a boss that actually knows my name, and a nice apartment.

The first in a series of one-shots to do with transformation and/or mind-control. I hope you enjoy!

Art by Badumsquish

Some keywords to help people find this: snake snek danger noodle nope rope hypnosis mind-control mind control jokes comedy slice of life sol hie human in equestria cartoon karma transformation tf tg lamia villain reformed

Now with a reading by Quinch!

See This Blog for licensing.

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South of Equestria, the Tenochtitlan basin has had trouble lately; the city of Tegucigallopa finds itself at war with a hidden civilization to the southwest and ponies are found missing or kidnapped. But this isn't stopping Daring Do from pursuing her latest prize: a statue of the legendary "god" Quetzalcoatl, a half-pony, half-snake being with bird wings believed to come as a savior of the Tenochtitlan ponies.

Daring, out in the jungles of Tenochtitlan, suddenly finds herself within the confines of the city of Viboran, a city inhabited by half-pony, half-snake beings that revere Quetzalcoatl as an actual pony. Despite being kept inside the city until they can be sure she's not a spy from the outside, the residents and their leader - Prince Serpis - offer to help with Daring's latest quest. But something seems off to our intrepid adventurer, and she quickly smells the power struggles hidden under the surface.

Daring Do's quest now is not just a fight for a treasure; her sanity is on the line...

Prince Serpis (C) MightyShockwave

Proofread by MightyShockwave

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Roseluck would think herself a pony reasonable enough not to make questionable decisions. For example, accepting a dare to gather the blooming flower of woodland starsalvia that happens to open its petals at night only, to prove that she is not a crybaby.

Roseluck would think herself a pony reasonable enough not to get lost in the woods for the sake of a dare just like that.

Roseluck would think herself a pony reasonable enough not to venture through a dark cave if she were to find herself in one. Nor to disturb its inhabitant, even inadvertently.

Roseluck thought herself that...

"Sex" tag a generous precaution for risqué, suggestive content of the hypnosis kind.

Chapters (9)

Pinkie Pie, Ponyville's official party planner, and the happiest pony in the world, friends with everypony, you'd think she never had her moments of sadness and sorrow. How wrong you'd be to think that.

Five years ago, back on the rock farm, she finds a cave on one of her little trips on the edge of the farm, and inside she finds a lonely pony. Having discovered that her special talent was to make ponies happy, she approaches her and soon, Pinkie and this other pony become friends. However, this pony is not really a pony... well, not completely.

After an incident that scarred Pinkie since then, she moves to Ponyville to live her own life and meet more ponies to have fun with, hiding a troubled past deep under her happy facade. But what happens when said past resurfaces after so many years? Will the Element of Laughter be able to fix it, or will she turn her back on it and keep the grudge she has against it?

Chapters (7)