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Applejack couldn't be happier with her life. She owns a great farm and has been married for three years to the love of her life, Rainbow Dash. It's everything she's ever wanted in life, but now she wants something more. A family. A foal. Can she convince Rainbow Dash that they are ready to take a new step in their lives or will a haunting secret from Dash's past prevent them from having one?

(I know a story called "Foal" already exists, but I had this idea for months and I couldn't come up with a different title)

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Twilight Sparkle is and always will be a delightful and intelligent fraulein. However, when a cult of unicorns who fervently support the Return of King sombra took interest to her, things quickly got out-of hoof.
Day by day, Twilight gained strength, studied the Darkest magics known, and even fell in love with the unicorn mentoring her in these ancient and terrifying arts. She became isolated from her friends, and began to prepare to betray the country she once loved, in the name of glory and the pursuit of power.
This is no fairy tale. There will be war, there will be battle, there will be death, and there will be blood. There will also be romance, ballroom dancing, kisses under the moonlight, and most delightful of conversations too.

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