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It had been one year since Twilight Sparkle vanished in the battle against the evil unicorn Xander, and her friends were still trying to overcome the grief of losing her. On the anniversary of her presumed death, her friends gather at her memorial. What was suppose to be a day of remembrance was shattered by a strange metal object that landed right beside them. Their anger quickly turns to shock as a familiar unicorn emerges... and boy does she have a story to tell.

Rated Teen for violence, language, and sexual content. Rating and tags may change in future chapters.

This is not a Halo fic. It IS however loosely inspired by Halo as well as Star Wars, Mass Effect and several other sci-fi movies, books, and games.

Edited by Jack-Pony, HuskSummers, Coldwall, and sadron

Cover art by Sonic Rain

Chapters (59)

His evil was legend. He was an entity of incalculable power and unparalled malice - his icy soul utterly consumed by his plans to destroy all of life, until he was stopped and defeated. But what if that wasn't the end? What if he was given a second chance, in another world? For he was not always like this. Nobody is born evil. But anyone can turn evil. Will he become a hero? Or is he doomed to repeat his mistakes and walk the same path as before, the Path of the Damned?

Edited by Zaleros, TimePrincess
Proof-read by: Bazing, Sage Probo, guardianxela
Former edit: Lazygamer313
Former last check-up (starting from chapter 139): Dubz
Chapters 132-133 proofread: Sixkiller5, DarkZonker, SmurfOnSteroids, Bast, Shadowfire, Wraithguard, Bazing, Sage Probo, guardianxela
Former proof-readers: Vrilix, Defias, Merchent343, TexPony
Fan Fiction Read on youtube by lunarassassin

Epub with styles (italics, bold): http://www.mediafire.com/file/l7flswrrl68do0y/rebirth-of-the-damned.epub, created by Halusm

1. This is my first fanfiction, so honest criticism is appreciated.
2. This is a crossover with Warcraft universe.
3. English is my second language, so you will have to forgive me for possible grammar mistakes.
4. Hope you like it.
5. There is a prequel called: Project Eclipse.

Chapters (176)

When 3 best friends end up as undead in anthro Equestria, they will embark on a long journey to save Equestria from the darkness that grabs at it. The Abyss is coming and three humans stand in the way of thing that wishes to destroy the world they know. Follow Kobe, Colin, and Kelso as they build up their will power to fight the forces of the Abyss one monster at a time.

NOTE: There is cursing,killing,adult jokes,very gruesome deaths,dank quality humor,childish humor and lots of retarded moments, enjoy!-Souls_USA

Chapters (37)

This story is a sequel to Equestrian Border Checkpoint

Hi, I’m Anon. I’m the asshole in the booth at the Checkpoint. See, ever since I came to the Equestrian Border Checkpoint of Manehatten, I’ve done two things. Stamp papers, and yell at people. I do both of these things really well. Now, without further ado, get your shit and get out, you’re holding up the line.

Papers Please does NOT belong to me, but there isn’t a tag for it. Sex tag is for references to sex. Also, there’s a shizzle ton of swear words. It get heckin hectic.

Amazing Cover art by LazyHooves
Chapters 1-14: The Human Arc
Chapters 15-28: The War Arc

Chapters (44)

This story is a sequel to The Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends

Almost a year has gone by for Harry Dresden since he left Equestria. He'd have written, but between saving his newly discovered brother and destroying a scourge of vampires he's been a little busy. Then out of the blue he receives a strange letter from Twilight asking him to return. With no cases at the moment he eagerly accepts, but his friends aren't the only ponies expecting him. There's been a lot of rumors since his last visit and some ponies aren't too keen on seeing him come back.

A sequel to The Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends.

Chapters (25)

After a mishap involving the Transportalponder, the Courier finds himself in a place he doesn't recognize. With no way back and nothing else to do, he decides that wandering into the nearest town is the best option. Being the Courier, things aren't that simple...

A Fallout: New Vegas/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover

The style alternates between omnipresent third-person and the Courier recounting his tale to... Well, take a guess.

Chapters (30)

Twilight Sparkle has disappeared. Not just from the face of Equestria but possibly from the face of her universe itself. She must now learn how to survive in a place unlike anything which she has experienced thus far. Luckily she has a friend out in the Wasteland. Join Twilight and The Lone Wanderer as they try and discover a way to send Twilight back to Equestria. Of course this is the Wasteland and things are never as simple as they appear...

Now has a Tumblr

Chapters (35)

Once upon a time in the magical land of Equestria… well it's a magical place, but it isn't always sunshine and rainbows. My life is a testament to that, but i suppose the easiest way to tell my story would be to take you to the first time i told it to anyone..

Chapters (4)

Eric Lancer has been stranded in Equestria for a few months now. After mysteriously appearing in the Everfree Forest, the human was forced to live with the fact that there was no way home. Taken in by Twilight Sparkle, all is well for the human as he tries to make friends with the local populace.
As it turns out, the locals of Ponyville aren't very friendly to an omnivore they know nothing about. Even the ponies he once called friends turn out to be manipulative xenophobes who are under strict orders from Princess Celestia to keep an eye on the untrustworthy human.
After learning of their true intentions, Eric leaves the town of Ponyville in the middle of the night. As it turns out, the human has a fate encounter that might just make his life worth living. And a certain mare might be along for the ride of her life.

Story is rated T for the following reasons: Flirting, mild/harsh language, mild violence, implied sexual situations, and pony x human relationship.
The story takes place after Season 3 of the show.

Update: Got a cover photo for the story! And I love it. It was drawn by the amazing Scarlet Heart. I will add a link to her DA. Go check her out, she is really good!

Featured: Yay!!! Featured in the featured box for like an hour probably, but I will take it! (2-22-17)

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This story is a sequel to The Dresden Fillies: False Masks

It's been a while since the girls have seen their good friend Harry Dresden. Discord escaped, Luna attended her first Nightmare Night, the Royal Wedding was crashed by hordes of changelings, and Pinkie Pie threw a statistically improbable number of parties. They tried inviting Dresden, but between his new job and new apprentice, he always claimed to be too busy. The solution was obvious; if he couldn't come to his friends, they needed to go visit him. Besides, they say Earth is lovely this time of year. What could go wrong?

Chapters (14)