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Jesus finds his way into Equestria.

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Commander James Bond was one of MI6's top operatives. Having succeeded in countless missions and bringing down international terrorists such as Le Chiffre and Dominic Greene, Bond is sent to Istanbul to retrieve a hard drive containing the names of every agent involved in undercover affairs. The hard drive in question has fallen into enemy hands, and it's his job to get it back.

After disastrous events in Istanbul during the mission, James finds himself in an unfamiliar land, and soon becomes entangled in a tale of international espionage.

Only one man can protect Equestria and its princesses in this new time of crisis, and his name's Bond.

James Bond.

A sequel has been published: An Equestrian Princess in London.

Chapters (13)

A Bioshock Big Daddy wakes from his stasis in Equestria, and subsequently adopts an unwilling Apple Bloom as his little sister. This is the short tale of the events that followed his awakening.

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X-Com stands as the first and last line of defense against any and all extraterrestrial threats. The year is 2084, and after several months of fighting multiple races of aliens from an alternate dimension, the war has reached its peak. With X-Com forces stranded in another dimension, the aliens rolled in and obliterated Humanity from existence. Now, with a spaceship, 400 souls and 80 year old weaponry, the last remnants of the Human race are out for payback.
In the process, they manage to make a few new friends, as well as a worrying number of foes...

An X-Com/MLP crossover.
More character tags will be added as the story continues. As this is my first fic, criticism is greatly encouraged.

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Kane and his brotherhood have fought for years to finally ascend to his world of "nod". Kane does this with ruthless fighting and almost annihilating the GDI forces. The brotherhood finally ascends into his precious world of Nod to find it populated with ponies. Kane wishes to take this world by force with his Tiberium fueled army and spreading his glorious Tiberium across Equestria. GDI has other plans though. GDI forces attempt to destroy Kane and his brotherhood once and for all! But at a cost... How many Equestrians will die defending their peaceful world? Will Celestia protect her subjects? Or will Kane and the Brotherhood stomp out all life and claim the world as his own with his futuristic army?

(Note: This is my first fic and I hope everyone enjoys it as I will work really hard on it! I love C&C and I love Ponies!)

Chapters (10)

This is a realistic view on how shipping would actually happen in the show. Almost every pony has been shipped with everypony else, but this is what would actually happen if two ponies ever attempted at a relationship.


No offense to any shippers, even though you shouldn't take any. If anypony would like to see any other shippings done on this fic, just leave a comment. Maybe I'll write it if I feel like it.

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It is the summer of 2020. The popular TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" has finished its eighth, and what appears to be final, season. In the wake of increasingly violent attacks by an extremist Internet-based terrorist group, the founders of the popular pony site, Equestria Daily, decide enough is enough. Bronies from all over the world have gathered in a small, abandoned industrial park in the run-down outskirts of Chicago to find the culmination of their dreams: Equestria. Through the wonders of science, they flee Earth for a land of magic, mystery and secrets. They will be weighed, they will be measured... will they be found wanting or will their dreams come true?

Story Idea inspired by a chapter in Shipping and Handling by PegasusRescueBrigade.

Cover image is a composite of the original Stargate movie poster and 'Canterlot At Night' by Cosmicunicorn, Source

The Sequel: Magical Wizard Brony Detectives

Chapters (19)

Twilight's spell to return Dashie and her friends back to Equestria failed! Now Rarity is lost and alone in the human world. She worries about her friends, not knowing if they made it back to Equestria or not. But first she must fend for herself in the human world, lucky for her she finds a human friend to protect her. the story takes place from rarity's human friend's perspective. Rarity makes a huge impact on the life of her human friend, but will she make it back to Equestria?

You could say this story takes place in the same "Universe" as "My Little Dashie."
The ponies seemingly teleported back to Equestria at the end of My Little Dashie, but what if the spell actually failed, and the ponies were merely sent elsewhere in the human world?

Hoping to make a story like this for each of the mane six


Cover image is by Kawiko:

Chapters (4)

[Lots of swearing - Bandits and Freedomers, seriously.][Moderate violence]

The Stalker universe... only this time, set up on Equestria.

Even after numerous years, Equestria still suffer from the results of the accident. roads are covered by dangerous anomalies, forests are inhabited by monstrous creatures... but there are also marvelous treasures to be found, trinkets with amazing proprieties called artifacts. A pony could get rich or dead real fast.
But what is this "The Zone" place that Equestria has been turned into? many consider it as a source of abhorrent and threatening dangers. others, a marvelous gift sent by the gods. some other ponies say it is an opportunity to cash out bits , and even others, consider it just their home.... But to what point are these descriptions true?

*image by some Unknown artist*

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