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hi I'm jakkid166. I lived in Equestria and wrote about th things that happen there.

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Hi It is me Detective jakkid166!? I am a murderer now for some reason and maybe there is blood and honey too but maybe not. Can I murder Princess Sunlestia and find truth about what is happen to me? Find out in my new story that is not authorize by the MPAA!!!

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This story is a sequel to Detective jakkid166 save Tha World

After so long of jakkid166 being in Equestria, he find himself in a new pickle and his worst yet: There was assassination, and he is framed for it! Now he must traverse the land of Equestira, come across frends old and new as he try to prove his innocence while on the run from the wrath of Twilight and her friends. And they are REALLY mad yo. Will jakkid166 prove his innocence? Will he survive? Will he die? Will he survive and die at the same time?

FIND OUT in the FINAL instalment of the Detective jakkid166 trilogy!

This story is rated T cause it has som violence gore in it but not a lot just one part kind of. And there is no sex but ther is still some weird stuff so I keep the tag. Cool

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It's one of the highest services a pony can aspire to.

Some ponies shouldn't aspire that high.

Audiobook performance by ObabScribbler.

(Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages.)

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"My name is Lyra Heartstrings, and you will not remember me. You won't even remember this conversation. Just like with everypony else I've ever met, everything I do or say will be forgotten. Every letter I've written will appear blank; every piece of evidence I've left behind will end up missing. I'm stuck here in Ponyville because of the same curse that has made me so forgettable. Still, that doesn't stop me from doing the one thing that I love: making music. If my melodies find their way into your heart, then there is still hope for me. If I can't prove that I exist, I can at least prove that my love for each and every one of you exists. Please, listen to my story, my symphony, for it is me."

Cover pic by Spotlight: askspotlight.tumblr.com

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Twilight the Sparkle is the world's most unicorn pony. She is the elemant of friendship, and she is the best at magic out of anyone in the large, big whole wide world of Ponyville. He and her friends have killed many bad guys, and now she is really annoyeed about it because she has fought at so many bad guys that she is really tired of it. However, however, however, she is gonnea have to fight another bad guy AGAIN and this time she is REALLY angry about it! Will she beat the bad guy or will she also kill him too? And maybe say swear words

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"Every pony thing evre made would be better if it had me in it."
- me

I, Detective jakkid166, will be prepared to make every pony fanficion, video, and game better by me being in it. All you favorite pony content, except it has ME! And even I could be in some episodes of the show except cause the charaters are idiot I'm good at my job.

The ultimate Detective jakkid166 adventures collection, as he goes into EVERYTHING to make it good.

(These stories is not canon to my other stories unless it says so.)

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This story is a sequel to Detective jakkid166 Go Equestria Now

Detective jakkid166 might be th greatest detective in the world, but what he ISNT is gonna be found out! Today his past comes back to haunt him when he go back to we do the he has to find out who is causing the murders of the around the world. In this spawling epic he will come across friends and bad not friends and find out if he is truly frothy of his detective title. And also theres ponies like Twilight and stuff. So read it or else you will miss the stunning big part 3 of the DETECTIVE jakkid166 equestria series!

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Detective jakkid166 is the greatest detective in the world who always solve the cases and solve the bad guys. However, today becomes his biggest challenge yet as he gets trapped in Ponyville and he has to solve a mystery. Can he do it and can he also get a pay raise from the Chief of Police who might be the murderer! Well dont turn off your TV or you won't find out in Detective jakkid166 Go Equestria Now.

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Phoenix Wright is a sad life in his house which he lives his life at Earth. But, now that he is in Equestria, can he really become the true pony attorney he is? Phoenix's adventure will take him through twists and turns throughout Equestria where he has to defend people and other stuff and also ponies. You will be shocked at how amazing he is! Youd know if you played the Ace Attorney games. But still he's gonna do cool stuff yeah.

Also this story isn't realated to Turnabout Storm thats not canon to this story.

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