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Maybe that's why they're so out of character. This is an ongoing series of experimental, dialogue-powered scenarios that revolves around Celestia, Luna, and Twilight. Oh, and pretty much everything, everypony, or anything else they run into. And you. Yes, literally you. All of you. This whole site.

Warning, contains: [epic battles, O-O-C ponies, impossible scenarios, manipulation, chapters with words in them, cute noises, adorable thinking, dreaming, spoiler bars, multiple plots in one plot, one major plot to cover for all of the multiple plots, continuity, eye-candy, trolling, whining, pixels, giant hammers, the konami code, the end of the world, a glass barrier, Discord, an impossible use of thousands of weapons at once, coffee, tea, romance books, control over the fourth plane, cake, communication through writing, bro/pega hoofing the author, love, fourth wall-breaking, enticing conversations, you as a (rising) major character, outer space and um, what else... ponies? Wait, how is any of this bad?]

I am also not responsible if you encounter these fully natural, human reactions: ["I can't evens", hnnngs, warm feelings, genuine laughter, sense of your faith in humanity regrowing, the question of "which spoiler bar will get bigger?", massive table flipping, "please sir, may I have another", the question of "what is even this society anymore?", genuine cuteness, the feeling of epicness, inspiration to write your own derpy story, fancy top hats, monocles, what have you dones, epic wins, o shoot waddups, other memes, and uh, general joy and less of a loneliness knowing that someone cared enough to properly mindf-- you while keeping it cute, and er, anger because you need to know what happens next. Oh. And don't forget cancer scumbag brain.]

You have been warned...?

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Very first fanfic I ever wrote.

Coppermane, an introverted & insecure student of Princess Celestia, is asked by his teacher to perform at the Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville after hearing him sing. He's been bullied for most of his life, and is scared of being in a new town. New faces to hate him, right? That is, until he meets a familiar cast of ponies who will prove his assumptions wrong. And among this familiar cast is the most beautiful mare Coppermane has ever seen in his life.

Coppermane & Fluttershy Series: 1.0

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Ballpoint Smudge has one job. It's not an easy one, but it's one he's determined to do to the best of his ability. The only problem is that as soon as he meets Twilight Sparkle, everything he's ever learned about princesses goes flying out of the window. He was expecting her to be regal, haughty and bossy. Instead she's warm, friendly and welcoming. Perhaps she's genuinely a nice pony? Nah. It's got to be a test.

Based on an idea by Ambrose Bierce, from his excellent Devil's Dictionary. Just look up 'Insurance'.

Featured at 12.30 GMT on 15/06/2016. I am very pleased indeed about that.

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