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Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle live an average life in an average home in the most above-average city in Equestria. Growing up in Canterlot they are subject to the inner workings of the government and Princess Celestia. Even though Shining SHOULD be studying, when his little sister asks him to help her with something, how can he refuse? After all, there's only one reasonable course of action at that point: take over Equestria.

Creative Consulting with MoonlitSparkle
Special thanks to ScratchnTavi, and docontra for editing/pre-reading.
Artwork done by Sleepy Panda
Featured 11/16 :twilightoops: didn't see that one coming

Chapters (1)

It’s been two weeks since Princess Twilight Sparkle got her wings. She's already learned the basics of flying, so what more does she need to know? Her studies with the princess have to take priority over everything else, so why should she need to keep practicing flying? Rainbow Dash doesn’t seem to agree with that, and in order to prove to Twilight that flying is more than just ‘flapping your wings’, she’s going to show her just how important it really is.

Cowrote with Moonlit Sparkle. Edited by Deputy Duck and Lunatone. Loosely based on Disney's A Whole new World song from Aladdin. Idea for the story came from an old conversation with Krazy Stargazer a few months ago.

Chapters (1)

We all have dreams, goals, and ideas. We all want for something, want to ascribe to be something. But… what happens once you’ve achieved that goal? What do you do if you’ll never achieve that goal? If circumstances in life prevent you from ever being able to do the thing you love?

Two ponies, two friends, each have to deal with a different version of that question. But maybe they can find the answer together, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll find something else as well.

A cowrite with Moonlit Sparkle. Edited by DeputyDuck and RofLmao.

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A young, ten-year-old Twilight Sparkle spots a little boy playing all by himself in the morning. She’s seen this boy before, but this is the first time she’s truly noticed him. Unable to place her curious nature to the side, she proceeds to learn things about him that will break her heart.

However, at ten years old, what can she really do about it? What will her family do when she comes to them with questions that belie her age?

Co-wrote with Moonlit Sparkle :twilightsmile:

Sequel found here: A Spike of Remorse Written entirely by Moonlit and TwiDashForever.

Proof read/edited by: Twidashforever and Lunatone Thanks guys!

Featured the day it went up, 12/21! Thank you so all so much for everything. Moonlit and I were absolutely shocked!

Chapters (2)
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