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Arrested for multiple counts of discharging a firearm in Manehattan, Pinkie Pie has no idea what she did wrong. She thought that everypony loved her party cannon, and based off of the smiles of those around her, she didn't think twice about firing her cannon whenever and wherever she pleased.

Too bad the police think otherwise.

Preread by: Rated Ponystar, Cynewulf, Blaze_Sunfire, Diokno44, VampDash, and Ponysopher.

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A secret unknown to any hornless pony, unicorn horns are made of candy. Pinkie Pie found out, and now she wants to try every flavor!

Warning: contains awkward moments and far too much non-consensual horn licking. Proceed at the risk of your horn and your dignity.

Available in Chinese, courtesy of Hell Organist.
Available in Russian, courtesy of boatOV.
Audio Reading by CaptainBron3y.
Second Audio Reading by Kanjigirl.
Featured on Equestria Daily.

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Pinkie Pie learns a new word that starts with 'F' and ends with 'K'. No, it's not firetruck.

How will she use this new word? Let's find out.

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Now with an audio reading by Skijarama!

Now with a print version available for order!

A purple Alicorn shows up one night and then vanishes into thin air. Many wouldn't think anything of it besides how strange it was.

Not Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash has met that Alicorn before.

The implication it brings and the guilt that follows leaves Rainbow Dash with questions weighing on her mind.

Luckily, in the crushing pain of reality, she still has friends.


Cover art created by the extremely talented invertigo and paid for by the amazingly awesome Shipmun. Oh my gosh it's just so cool.

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Fluttershy never thought she would be called "Cute" before. Now that she has, she doesn't like it one bit.

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Applejack arrives home on a cool autumn night to find a particular pink pony sprawled out on her bed. And she's eating her cookies.

Dedicated to Short Stories

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It's been a week since Zesty Gourmand's hold over Restaurant Row was broken. Delicious food of dozens of different varieties is being prepared, and business has never been better.

But Zesty Gourmand isn't done yet. She's recruited Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Prince Blueblood and intends on having their royal palates challenge Restaurant Row, starting with the Tasty Treat. The chefs of Canterlot face their biggest challenge yet as they prepare for a Royal Review...

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The Tasty Treat becomes a successful restaurant, despite not having the three-hoof rating that makes all the restaurants in Restaurant Row successful. The Queen of Cuisine, Zesty Gourmand, will not let this stand without criticism.

Unfortunately for her, somepony else will not let her flawed method of critiquing restaurants go unpunished. And he's not holding back anything. No way in Hell, especially in his own kitchen.

Spoilers for Season 6 Episode 12

Random Oneshot Idea that just popped in my head.

Contains vulgar language and verbal bashing (Judging from the cover art, you can tell why).

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Matilda and Cranky Doodle Donkey are recruited as Princess Celestia's personal assassins.

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Apple Bloom is left alone and bored while Scootaloo is learning to fly and Sweetie Belle is learning magic. Applejack sees that her sister feels less special because she's an earth pony, and decides to get Pinkie Pie's help in teaching the filly about why earth ponies are so important.

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