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It's the End. Equestria has fallen. Her lands are black and sick. Her skies are dark and cold. All that lives is dead – or corrupted by a foe long thought gone.

Millions of lives are lost, among them heroes and princesses, with its remaining survivors forced to retreat to their last safe haven. For five years, they have struggled to survive, dealing with sieges, rebellions, starvation, and death. The Pony Race is all but doomed.

But hope may yet live.

Not all of the Elements have perished. Two survive, and these two final bastions of Ponykind will make an effort to ride into the coming darkness to end it once and for all...

...or be swallowed by it like everything else.

Written by Rated Ponystar and TwilightUCrazy

Edited by TimeLord_Whooves

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Twilight demands a rematch against Rainbow Dash swearing she's better at soccer than she was before. The game eventually turns into a soccer lesson, which would be fine if only she could actually focus on the actual lesson and not on the body of her instructor.

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When rumors start circulating that Princess Celestia has become pregnant, Twilight is quick to dismiss the rumors as impossible. However, when Celestia confirms the rumors to be true, it becomes quite clear to the Princess of Friendship that something is terribly wrong.

EDIT 7/8/2016: This got featured?! Wow, I am really happy about that!

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In the EQG Holiday Special, Sunset figured out that Anon-a-Miss was actually Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom.
But what if things happened differently?
What if Sunset never figured out who Anon-a-Miss really was?
What if her friends refused to listen after her little chat with Twilight?
For those who haven't seen it, the comic can be read here:

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to Celestia Visits Nightmare Moon

Two weeks after the Summer Sun Celebration, Celestia comes into Luna's room to spend time with her, only to find out things aren't what they seem.

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The Lady Rarity enjoys throwing the occasional supper party, but this one has ended in tragedy. She and her five guests stand as the only suspects in a grisly slaying. It is up to Inspector Redeye to ferret out the murderer, but who could it be? The washed-up daredevil? The socialite who prefers the backroom to the ballroom? The University researcher and 'Favored of the Princess'? The timid nun from the local orphanage? The scion of the local apple magnate? Or perhaps even the Countess of Maresfield Manor herself, the Lady Rarity?

((Have fun with this noir-ish whodunit, as always if anyone can provide cover art it would be greatly appreciated.))

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Celestia pays Twilight and her friends a visit.

It has been a very long time since she saw them last.

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This story is a sequel to Hatred

Many ponies think they know Princess Celestia. She's kind, warm, a giver and protector, much like the sun itself. What many ponies don't know is that Princess Celestia isn't as put together as ponies think she is. Actually, she's barely holding on, and during the day meant to celebrate the day she met someone important to her, someone she wants badly, she finally hits her limit and breaks down.

If she were a normal pony, this would be okay. But she's not. She's an alicorn. And Princess Luna fears that she could fall into a darkness very much like she did, becoming something much worse than Nightmare Moon. Desperate to save her sister before she falls into her darkness, she reaches out to the one pony she feels knows Celestia the most.

Her former student.

Now its up to Twilight to help Celestia in her darkest time. She's never seen Celestia in such a state, and seeing her so devastated scares her almost as much as the idea of her becoming something worse than Nightmare Moon. What she doesn't know is that the shadow around Celestia is getting stronger, and its taking the form of someone from her past. Will Twilight be able to protect her former teacher from this darkness?

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Almost everypony has a soul mate, one they are destined to live with and love for all their days. They give their body, heart, and soul to each other. Rarely do soul mates ever change, but occasionally there is the twist of fate that happens.

During their escape from the crystal caverns, a lose rock manages to almost impale Twilight before Cadence pushes her out of the way and takes the blow. Seeing her foal sitter dying, Twilight uses all her magic to save Princess Cadence with a very dangerous spell. It is not without a consequence as she, unknowingly, gives her own life energy to Cadence, tearing up the soul bond between her brother and her foal sitter. Instead, it makes a new one: one between the two of them.

With Shining Armor’s own bond broken, it attaches itself to the closest being it can: Queen Chrysalis.

A fic I was given permission to write from Rated Ponystar

Featured 28/7/2014. A Booya! Then again 31/3/2015. What?:pinkiegasp::yay:

cover art a combination of pics from here and here.

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