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Ditzy arrives at my boutique one fine morning to ask for a special dress for her little Dinky. I end up having a long talk with the mailmare about what it's like to lose somepony you love.

Rated Teen for dark themes

Pre-read and edited by the glorious mwap flops Swan Song and Nordryd

Cover art not by me, only blurred

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When Cadence told Celestia she was having twins, the princess of the sun wanted to be happy for her. She tried very hard to be happy for her, but she couldn’t. Celestia knew that it was inevitable, but hearing that Cadence was having foals drove a dagger of jealousy through her heart, for she is able to have something that Celestia can never have: foals.

Edited by Rated Ponystar
Proofread by Neko Majin C
Pre-read by RainbowBob

YouTube reading!

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It's the End. Equestria has fallen. Her lands are black and sick. Her skies are dark and cold. All that lives is dead – or corrupted by a foe long thought gone.

Millions of lives are lost, among them heroes and princesses, with its remaining survivors forced to retreat to their last safe haven. For five years, they have struggled to survive, dealing with sieges, rebellions, starvation, and death. The Pony Race is all but doomed.

But hope may yet live.

Not all of the Elements have perished. Two survive, and these two final bastions of Ponykind will make an effort to ride into the coming darkness to end it once and for all...

...or be swallowed by it like everything else.

Written by Rated Ponystar and TwilightUCrazy

Edited by TimeLord_Whooves

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This story is a sequel to Empress Rarity's 250th Birthday

“We are friends, are we not?”

The Empress’ two hundred and fifty-first birthday is just a few days away, yet there is little cause for celebration as Rarity’s Empire is crumbling before her eyes. Bad luck somehow meets her at every turn, and there’s a grim shadow looming over any hope for her nation and her crystal ponies. With a powerful darkness locked within her own mind, will the voices in her nightmares tear her apart? Or can she learn to rely on those she once called friends before it's too late?

Welcome to the sequel to Empress Rarity’s 250th Birthday.

This story was designed with new and old readers in mind. I have made sure to carefully place information to touch on the important facts to remind those that had read the first book of what happened, and to let new readers know what is going on in this one. Not everything is going to be explained from the last book at once, but it will be eventually covered.

So it is not necessarily a requirement to read Empress Rarity’s 250th Birthday, but it is highly recommended.

The group for the story: Birthdayverse.
Credit goes to Autumnschild for the editing.
Cover art is done by, and belongs to ifthemainecoon.

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"The pieces are set, and the dice are in play. But does every pony have the heart for this day?"

Nearly two hundred years have passed since Rarity Belle merged with the Crystal Heart and took the throne of the Crystal Empire. Since then, through her care, determination, and vision, the Empire has flourished like never before. Now Empress Rarity stands as not a ruler of a providence, but the monarch of a rising superpower.

Today though, is the Empress' Birthday, and Lady Merry Sapphire, seneschal to the Empress, is determined to make this the best birthday Rarity has ever had. Little does she know that not everypony shares her enthusiasm for today...

This is an official prequel to the Princess Twilight Sparkle's Birthday stories, created by Autumnschild. This story will develop and expand much of the world we made, but taking place 250 years before PTS500 and its sequel, PTS505. Due to its time gap and status as a prequel, you do not need to read the stories created by Autumnschild, and I have done my best to help that. However, knowing what happened in them will help you be a bit more aware of what is going on, and I encourage you to go read them for they are very enjoyable.

We now have our own group! Come check out the Birthdayverse!

Credit goes to Autumnschild for the proofreading for this story.
Razalon The Lizardman is credited for the grammatical overhaul.

Great thanks goes to these two, for this story would not be as good without them.

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Fluttershy loves her son, but it's been rough raising him. There are those who have always seen him as a threat. Who mock and make fun of him. They see him as nothing but an abomination.

It hurts her to know that there are ponies out there who do this to her son. It hurts even worse when one of those ponies was one of her friends.

***Warning: Spoilers in comments***

Adjustments made in the story due to some criticism that I've received. Hopefully it will help it a bit more :)

Pre-Read by: TwilightUCrazy and Bakmah Genesis

Edited by: "mysterious beautiful stranger" and InsanityCorps

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Pregnant with twins, Queen Chrysalis is trying to save her race.

Is the father going to help care for his children?

Will the changelings ever be accepted by ponies?

I was trying to write a one-shot, somewhere along the lines it turned into something greater.
I am going to work on the sequel when I feel like it.

Cover art by Midnight Sonare. Middy is amazing at his art, so check him out.

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On the night of her mother's passing, Luna must accept the cold, hard fact that she'll never feel her mother's loving touch again. With no one to else to turn to, she finds solace and a much-needed shoulder to cry on with her big sister.

Featured on Equestria Daily

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In the EQG Holiday Special, Sunset figured out that Anon-a-Miss was actually Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom.
But what if things happened differently?
What if Sunset never figured out who Anon-a-Miss really was?
What if her friends refused to listen after her little chat with Twilight?
For those who haven't seen it, the comic can be read here:

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This story is a sequel to Celestia Visits Nightmare Moon

Two weeks after the Summer Sun Celebration, Celestia comes into Luna's room to spend time with her, only to find out things aren't what they seem.

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