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This story is a sequel to Raising a Human Daughter

A year has passed since Crystal got her memories back... Crystal and her mother are sent to a different world... a world full of heroes and villains.


Please note that this is a crossover of My Hero Academia and Raising a Human Daughter. I started this crossover because of a vote that I had.

Chapters (6)

Years of ostracisation, abuse and torment have taken its toll on Midoriya Izuku, seen as a freak of nature for not having a quirk in his world where superpowers are the norm. When his idol, the Symbol of Peace and Japan's number one hero, All Might, destroys his dream of following in his footsteps, it proves too much.

Broken and seemingly beyond repair, Midoriya follows his tormentor's advice, and throws himself off the roof where All Might foolishly left him, embracing death and the hope of a better second life.

That would have been the end, if it wasn't for cosmic forces intervening.

Now thrown into a world where magic is the norm and talking ponies are the main species alongside mythical creatures thought to only exist in fantasy novels, a new life begins for Midoriya. (Though he would appreciate it if everypony would stop bowing to him wherever he went. He might have a horn and wings, but that doesn't make him royalty, for Celestia's sake!)

Starting afresh might be tough, especially without his hands, but with new friends by his side, Midoriya is willing to take up the challenge. Plus, magic and flying do seem like fun activities anyway, as well as apple-harvesting, and ogling a strong, attractive stallion of few words on the farm.

This is his story, of a new beginning, and how he became the greatest hero Japan had ever seen through the power of friendship and love.

(Cover art by me, base by NyanNyan-Bases on Deviantart)

Chapters (1)

When Izuku Midoriya and his unofficial sister Eri get sent to Equestria by a strange being, they now must learn to live in this new world, with new bodies, new abilities and new friends, Deku must help defend Equestria with the Mane 6 and save this world from evil

[Set Before MLP Season 1, Set after MHA Cultural Festival]

Chapters (1)

My faithful student, Twilight. I ask that you please come to Canterlot immediately. I have an important task for you to take. This task will help us get a better understanding of species other than pony kind. Your teacher, Princess Celestia.


What could Princess Celestia have for me to do? What will happen to me!?

Chapters (41)

Midoriya wakes up in an odd place, for one, the villain was gone. And they were stuck in space?!
This can't be right!
And now what’s with the ponies?!

[because my art style sucks!]
[replaced with my own stupid cover art lol]

Chapters (2)

After Izuku was attacked by the sludge villain, All Might was able to apprehend him without incident. Izuku never gets One For All, and the last words he heard from All Might were "you cannot be a Hero".

Izuku finds himself torn on how to move forward, but fate had decided to intervene. After an impactful meeting with a certain Alicorn princess, Izuku finds another way forward. He just wished that path wasn't so extreme.

Chapters (2)

In the battle training, Bakugou’s hatred for Izuku grew stronger and stronger until he snapped. Luckily for Izuku, his soul carries on.

Written By DannyPhantom79 and BioQuillFiction

Chapters (3)