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Uncle lives a very fulfilling life at his antique shop. It's peaceful and quiet for the most part, just how he likes it. Of course, he's a skilled chi wizard, so he knows better than to actually let the universe know that he's content. So he complains.

A lot.

Then one day, a basket containing three infant magical ponies arrives, and his peaceful life goes out the window...to be replaced with, perhaps, something a little more than contentment.

The universe, apparently, is smarter than he gave it credit for, because now he has "Three More Things!" to complain about to hide just how much they mean to him.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

First chapters take place approximately 10 years before the events of the first episode of the show.

Edit: Cover Art put together by Shadow Bolt
Edit 2: New Cover Art by Swan Song. Link to his page in image source.
Edit 3: Level Dasher commissioned an image of the CMC with their new Cutie Marks from Katakiuchi4U over on Deviantart. Here's the pic!

Chapters (200)

While Twilight tries to read, Trixie practices her performance skills. What do you mean there's a difference between "performing" and "lying?"

Chapters (1)

Spike and the rest of the Student Six visit Mt. Aris, where Silverstream can't wait to show off her culture. Her brother, Terramar, offers to take them out for a swim, but he hasn't had much experience transforming dragons. Hijinks ensue.

Cover image by https://derpibooru.org/profiles/Foal

Chapters (1)

Kitzumi Nova the fox pony, is trapped in the past, and the only way home is to travel to another dimension. It's a world of wizards and witches, and because Princess Celestia wants to make sure she gets some magical education while she is there, Miss Nova will be attending Hogwarts starting first year in 1903 and finishing first year in 1992. Will the world of Harry Potter survive?

The explanation for why she's going to be in first year so long can be found in Nightmare Moon’s Daughter if you don't want to read the entire Kitzumi's adventures through the looking glass. or wait till I cover the reason in this book.

The time of 1903 isn't canon from the lore of Harry Potter, but based on the original build date of the type of locomotive most often seen being depicted as the engine for the Hogwarts express.

The CMC arrive in the eleventh chapter. Nova rescues a troll from the crusaders from a troll, and then...

There will be drama, there will be shenanigans, and there will be breakage of forth walls.

Chapters (24)

Curiosity finally gets the better of Princess Luna and she slips through the crystal mirror into the human world.

She finds a liquor store filled with what looks like bottled potions of human magic and wants to test them, of course.

What can possibly go wrong?

*** featured at #4 on 3/14/19 - thank you all! ***

Chapters (2)

Cats are the most adorable creatures to watch when they play. My cats are the best. Puddie, Katydid, Luau, and Tifa... I love them all. No, I am not a crazy cat lady. You are the crazy cat lady!

So I was asked to sort a few things for my nephews, including some boxes with questionable labels. Thinking nothing of it, I slid some of the empty ones into the living room. Tifa crawled into one of the boxes, and it quickly escalated from there.

Sorry, let me start from the beginning.
Perhaps I'm not taking a very serious approach because I actually prefer dogs more often than not. But I digress. Cover image put together by Awalex.

Chapters (1)

Princess Twilight Sparkle wakes up early one morning, stretches, then decides to destroy Ponyville. As you do.

Featured from Jan 12- Jan 15 '19. Mucho Gracias!

The sequel is Twilight Sparkle vs Equestria

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle vs Ponyville

It's just a normal, typical day... aside from Twilight flying into space to destroy Equestria. No biggie.

A sequel to Twilight Sparkle vs Ponyville . Best to read that one first, basically. Or you may get slightly lost.

Picture credit LeraJack on DeviantArt.

Featured from 23-24 Jan 2019.

Chapters (1)

Unaware of the consequences, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle introduce Apple Bloom to a musician she's never heard of before.

It probably wasn't the best idea.

Chapters (4)

Apple Bloom was starting to get suspicious. No pictures of her with her parents, no stories about it, no flashbacks where she appeared together with them. So she took matters into her own hooves, and had some tests done in secret, with Twilight's help, to determine her actual relation with her supposed family.

The results were... certainly unexpected. Interesting, to say the least. Absolutely devoid of any logical sense, more appropriately.

Chapters (1)
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