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Fluttershy is a normal pony living a normal life. Sure, saving the world once is an achievement, but other than that she was content with the life she has.

But when she finds two abandoned changeling nymphs, her life is quickly turned upside down. Now she cares for young two creatures she knows nothing about, and they don’t seem to trust her.

She is determined to give them the best life that she can.

Edit (Aug. 8th, 2021):

TN, OP now has an editor! Thank you to Helping Hoof for helping me with my work.

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Ever since the Ponyville clone massacre, one survivor who escaped capture has been living undercover in Manehattan. But when a changeling mistakes her for one of his kind and brings her back to Chrysalis, it marks the beginning of mayhem for everypony.

Set in late season 6. Started for Camp NaNoWriMo, July 2019. Cover art by gordonfreeguy.

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"I've seen enough isekai to know where this is going."

Okay, sure. It's another 'human gets thrown into Equestria as an existing character' story. Still, that doesn't mean 'Chrysalis' has any idea what to do. She doesn't remember everything from her past life, but she is pretty sure she was once a human from Earth.

She wakes up to see Starlight Glimmer, the one who lead the small team to destroy her throne, holding out a hoof. The unicorn is offering a chance for Chrysalis to lead the changelings properly. Logically, she should take that offer. The future of not accepting friendship yields an end written in stone.

But there's always a choice.
The idea of what would happen if Chrysalis hadn't been so gung-ho on revenge at the end of the Season 6 finale wouldn't leave me alone. In real life, I don't deal in what-ifs. In fiction, I'm a bit more open to the prospect.
Quick warning: There is an attempt at suicide and bodily harm in the first chapter. Just thought I'd point that out so you'd be prepared.

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Pharynx used to be a top soldier in Chrysalis's hive. He had the drive to lead the army in her name. Then, his success came to a grinding halt when Cadance and Shining Armor's barrier launched the swarm away. But it did more than just eject him and his brethren out of the city. The shock restored some memories of a former life, one where he was a human with a slightly different set of chromosomes.

Armed with this knowledge, how will that change his approach toward events yet to pass?
Cover image by Frownfactory.

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Chrysalis has taken Canterlot, the Elements of Harmony are captured and Celestia and Cadence are in her grasp, everything has gone according to her plans, she could just sing about how perfect this day has been.

Too bad three fillies, one night princess, and four other hives have something to say about that.

Cover art by Siansaar go show them some love.

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The changelings have been leaderless for a while now.
Ever since "The Incident" they've been by themselves without any guidance.
They've tried finding others, but somehow, some way, the leaders they've found have either been imprisoned, reformed, or worse...

Luckily, after over a year of searching, they've found someone who can help.
Someone who almost won a battle against their worst enemy.
Someone who could lead even better than their queen.
Someone who just needed the right amount of subjects to make her plans a reality.

Because the changelings know that Starlight isn't reformed and still wants revenge...right?

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Formerly known as: "Unexpected Adventures in the Life of a Changeling"

Zach was an average guy with an average, boring life. He went to work, paid his bills, and partook in what escapism he could get from videogames.

When he wished he could get something more out of life besides videogames and dead end part-time work, he didn't mean being transported to a world based on an old cartoon show that he was a fan of five years ago.

He especially didn't mean being turned into a ravenous, emotion eating, horse-shaped, insectoid.

Now he has to figure out how to live life as a Changeling and navigate an Equestria that doesn't seem to follow along with everything he remembered from the show. If he's lucky, maybe he can find a way back home, or at the very least, figure out how to "bug-pony"

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Twilight Sparkle has been abandoned.

After an expedition into the badlands is torn to tatters by an unprecedented monster attack, Twilight finds herself stranded in a hostile environment with no safe way back home. With no supplies and no survival training, It all seems hopeless for the scholarly unicorn until she is discovered by a type of creature she has never seen before. A changeling named Thorax, a native of the badlands.

With Thorax's knowledge of the environment, he is Twilight's best chance of getting home safely. And by that same token, perhaps Twilight is the best chance the timid, pacifistic drone has of discovering something he has lived his entire life without.

Set well before the Season 2 Finale.

Cover art was drawn by me.

This is a spiritual successor to The Bug in The Herd, and The Bug in The Basement.

Edited by Mister Hypothetical.

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Equestria has been saved, all the important ponies have been saved, and through all of that the changelings have been reformed. With the exception of one.

As all the ponies escaped from their cocoon prisons they all see that the battle wasn't over yet once Chrysalis emerges from the rubble of her destroyed throne. They were all getting ready for the final showdown and put an end to evil tyrant's ways, however, once she emerged they all saw that something bad has happened.

Apparently the explosion the love from all the reformed changelings has caused was too much for Chrysalis to handle and in doing so caused the former queen to develop amnesia. Absolutely no memory of anything not even her own name.

Starlight Glimmer, however, sees this as an opportunity to make a new friend and she's willing to take the risk.

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This story is a sequel to A Trip Through the Mirror

For a changeling, love is magic, and magic is love. They are one and the same within the changeling body. To share magic is to share love. And we all know what happens when an unreformed changeling shares love. Unfortunately for Chrysalis, she got caught up in the moment and forgot for just a second. But a second was enough...

A "what if?", alternate ending for "Frenemies".

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