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  • Spoofs and Spinoffs 1 stories Parodies? Crossovers? Random things that still involve my writing? They go here!
    Created by Spirals95
    - January, 2016
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  • Spoofs and Spinoffs 1 stories Parodies? Crossovers? Random things that still involve my writing? They go here!


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The Lunar Chalice, an ancient artifact created by the legions of Nightmare Moon, is an ancient cup that corrupts potions and their ingredients. Although it was presumed to have been lost when Princess Luna was banished, it has recently resurfaced in the collection of a wealthy griffon family.

Princess Luna has sent Techorse and his friends Midnight Blaze, Shadow Breeze, and Flaming Ivory to retrieve the chalice. While Techorse struggles to manage his team of recently-made friends, Midnight tries to cope with family issues and a voice in his head that just won't leave him be. To make matters worse, it seems there's another individual after the chalice, and what he intends to do with it may change the fate of Equestria.

Why oh why couldn't have Twilight and friends been available?

This story takes place in my Alternate Universe, set shortly after the beginning of Season 3. It is a project dedicated to my friends on this site, and features their OC's.

Midnight Blaze belongs to Wolven5
Shadow Breeze belongs to his owner.

Cover Art by the talented HoodwinkedTales

Chapters (47)

Midnight Blaze has awoken in a plain of wheat, not knowing what has happened with his most recent time travel spell. Ponyville seems to be the same, except for one little detail. Everyone in his life seems to have forgotten him, and instead know a stallion named Techorse as their friend.

This is a crossover story and collaboration between Wolven5, Midnight Blaze's owner, and myself. That being said, if you haven't read either of our series, it may be hard to understand this one.

Wolven5's page: Click Here
Cover art by Veestormcourage.

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