Techorse Series 5 stories
  • Techorse Series 5 stories The series of books and short stories I've written about Techorse and the alternate universe he lives in!
    Created by Spirals95
    - January, 2016
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  • Techorse Series 5 stories The series of books and short stories I've written about Techorse and the alternate universe he lives in!

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The second short story in the long running Techorse series. In this episode, Twilight, Rarity, and Fluttershy have been put in charge of taking care of a greenhouse for a local gardener who has gone on vacation. However, when they get impatient to get the plants to grow, Fluttershy's recent nightmares might just come true. How will the friends get out of this one?

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The Techorse series is a collection of short stories set in an alternate universe that takes place after the events of The Crystal Empire, where an invasion by a group of human mercenaries seeking to sell the Equestrians as pets on Earth causes changes to the timeline. Among the team, a defector was turned by their leader into a pony as punishment. Now Techorse aids the Mane 6 in their defense of Equestria and its legendary friendships.

The stories take their own path but try to keep in spirit with the source material. See the links below for the original book that started the series.

Series cover art by HoodwinkedTales.

The main Book : Click Here
Stories 1, 2, and 3 :
The Greenhouse Effect
Mr. and Mrs. Dash

I do not own MLP:FIM or any related source material.

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Techorse is a pony from a different planet who comes to Equestria one day. But when his old master Wizard and his team of mercenaries want to sell the ponies back home as pets, it's up to Techorse and the mane6 to stop him!

Techorse was written in the summer of 2011 before the second season came out. It was designed to follow the canon and format of the show as closely as possible while adding some new material to keep it interesting. Originally posted on my account, pename Spirals95, it was met with generally positive review emails. The book is over 117,000 words long in length.

I hope you enjoy reading this novel as much as I enjoyed writing it, and keep watching my homepage for the follow-up short story series!

Cover artwork by Veestormcourage

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Cover artwork by Kirby Fokson:

#1 of the Techorse short story series.

Techorse has gotten accustomed to living in Ponyville, and needs to have his castle inspected by Celestia to ensure that it's safe. Twilight, when helping him to clean up his home, suggests they use a shrink ray Techorse has invented to study objects from the perspective that insects have. But when they in conjunction with Pinkie Pie make a mistake, everything goes haywire!

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#3 of the Techorse series. When Rainbow Dash's parents announce they are going to visit their daughter, and expect her to be thinking about settling down, Rainbow becomes desperate to impress her parents. Normally, she would be perfectly fine with being single, but she hasn't heard a single kind word from her mom or dad in years. In order to please them, she gets Techorse to help her out by posing as her husband-to-be! How will this turn out for the two?

Cover artwork by Kirby Fokson:

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