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You've traveled all over Equeastria; working your way from Manehatten through Fillydelphia in search of the cutie mark you have yet to receive. After stopping in Baltimare for a few days, you learn of a town which is known for...."unique" events which transpired in the past. Hearing this, you quickly head for the nearest train station and head towards the center of Equeastria, unaware that your journey will lead to you finding more than just your cutie mark.

Race? Gender? Job?
Love interest(/interests)?
Help to protect Equeastria or bring about its destruction?

Every decision is up to you.

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You've had your eyes set on Applejack for a long time. Maybe your best friend Rainbow Dash can help you earn Applejack's heart. You wouldn't see why not. Besides, she's your best bro. Right?

Previous Cover Art

This story is contained in my book "Dash Tries to Win Your Heart and Other Short Pony Stories"

If you have interest in purchasing this non-profit book, check out my online store at this link: https://www.lulu.com/search?adult_audience_rating=00&q=flutterpriest

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Eric Lancer has been stranded in Equestria for a few months now. After mysteriously appearing in the Everfree Forest, the human was forced to live with the fact that there was no way home. Taken in by Twilight Sparkle, all is well for the human as he tries to make friends with the local populace.
As it turns out, the locals of Ponyville aren't very friendly to an omnivore they know nothing about. Even the ponies he once called friends turn out to be manipulative xenophobes who are under strict orders from Princess Celestia to keep an eye on the untrustworthy human.
After learning of their true intentions, Eric leaves the town of Ponyville in the middle of the night. As it turns out, the human has a fate encounter that might just make his life worth living. And a certain mare might be along for the ride of her life.

Story is rated T for the following reasons: Flirting, mild/harsh language, mild violence, implied sexual situations, and pony x human relationship.
The story takes place after Season 3 of the show.

Update: Got a cover photo for the story! And I love it. It was drawn by the amazing Scarlet Heart. I will add a link to her DA. Go check her out, she is really good!

Featured: Yay!!! Featured in the featured box for like an hour probably, but I will take it! (2-22-17)

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When it comes to villains, Twilight and her friends have come across many kinds. Some have been driven by greed, others by randomness, others by some personal cause. But today? They shall face a villain with motives far more insidious than any ever seen before.

A villain...who seeks to annoy them!

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Queen Chrysalis likes it when I boop her on the nose. It helps her relax. However, one day, Princess Twilight Sparkle bursts in, thinking that Queen Chrysalis has put a spell on me.

Surely, when I explain to her that I boop her, she'll understand. Right?


Inspired by a delightful flash game that can be found here.

Featured on August 28th, 2016. This is as unexpected as it is amazing.

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FEATURED! :pinkiehappy:

"June, honey, be a dear--reschedule Luna and K.K. That's what I call Princess Celestia--what a hoot!"


Ever since hearing this little tidbit from Spike, Princess Celestia has been wondering just why in the world Discord would call her K.K.? She could understand a pun about the sun or an insult using her actual name or even a mocking version of her royal title, but K.K.? What does the nickname mean?

Finally, Celestia decides to just ask Discord. Discord, however, realizing how curious she is, offers to tell her only in exchange for a little favor. After strong negotiations, Celestia agrees to his terms and finally founds out what K.K. means...and the answer makes her realize many things about her relationship with the chaos master and the magic of friendship.

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Nice clothes? Check. Bouquet? Check. Prettiest little nurse girlfriend of all time? Double check!

All that needs to happen now is for this big romantic surprise date plan to go off without a hitch. She'll be swept off her feet by dinner at a fancy restaurant, feel as special as she deserves to, and know that she is loved beyond a shadow of a doubt. It'll truly be a special night.
Well, assuming nothing goes wrong, but why would it?
No, of course not! Everything is definitely going to go perfectly according to plan.

Amazing art by Ezoisum, who you should go check out. Will take down if requested.

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Pinkie doesn't tell ponies about Pinkamena and Surprise. The doctors said that they were bad for her, that they were a disease, but she disagrees. Sure, Pinkamena's a bit of a grumpy-pants, but she's still a great friend! She's often the voice of reason to counter-act some of the other two's crazier ideas, after all. Surprise, on the other hand, is a great prank-player, and always up for some fun. She's more like Pinkie, only more hyper. Both are great fun to be around, and they get on well.

Thing is, she knows that if she told ponies about them, then they would be dragged back to the hospital. And then be 'treated' again. None of them want that. Because of this, not even her best not-in-head friends know about them. The three of them have, for years now, been careful enough to keep the existence of Pinkamena and Surprise secret.

This has, of course, gone out the window now that Twilight is hammering on the door after overhearing one third of a conversation, with no sign of anyone else talking.

Hints of F/F shipping inside. Nothing will actually come of it here, though. Maybe in a future story.

Cover art can be found here: http://killryde.deviantart.com/art/Smile-338206490

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This story is a sequel to The Apple of My Eye

On a really bad day at school, you don't want to talk to anyone. All you want to do is lock yourself in your room for the rest of the day. You're done.

Unfortunately, the world has other plans. You receive a partner project in class, and get partnered with a girl you barely know. She seems nice, but really quiet. You've barely noticed her in class until now. Regardless, after today you want nothing to do with people.

You start working with her, and slowly realize just how nice and sweet she is. And another thing... she's really cute. Could this girl be exactly what you need to start feeling better?

4th installment of the The Cute, the Fluffy, and Romantic

WARNING: May contain lots of fluff

**Featured from August 9-10, 2016 :raritystarry:

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Lost, starving, and hunted by the law, a lonely changeling finds a traveling entertainer who he plans on using to restore his energy by extracting as much love out of her as possible.

Too bad his target turns out to be Trixie.

After a brief violent encounter and some mutual blackmail, the two of them decide to perform together in front of the town to raise enough bits and love for them each to go their separate ways.

It works out better than they expected.

Picture credit: Ashindo (Check out his Dark Equestria)
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