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Cadance became an Alicorn after defeating a mighty foe with Love. Twilight became an Alicorn after completing a spell with Friendship. Rainbow Dash is the first pony to create a Rainboom.

What if, instead of just a cutie mark, Rainbow Dash truly was recognized that day across Equestria...or at least by one of it's rulers...for making the impossible happen? How would this affect her life?

To quote Rainbow Dash: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on a second! I can’t be a princess!”

Rated T for language!

Chapters (14)

In the wake of her friends' plan to curb her egotistical nature, Rainbow Dash has her life turned upside down and finds herself pulled in every direction as she is saddled with more expectations, responsibilities, problems, and some romance thing that anyone can see coming.

Too bad for her nopony asked if she wanted any of it.

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to Hot Heads, Cold Hearts and Nerves of Steel

DASHVERSE: (Takes place several months after the events of http://www.fimfiction.net/story/68962/hot-heads-cold-hearts-and-nerves-of-steel)

Rainbow Dash and her friends are off to Canterlot to help in the preparations for the wedding of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor! But once she arrives, Rainbow learns of a sinister plot against Equestria. What's worse, she can't even rely on her friends to help her because one of them is not who she seems...

Chapters (20)

Rainbow Dash graduates from the Wonderbolt Academy. After many weeks of training, she falls in love with Soarin, her instructor. However, when war breaks out and the Wonderbolts have to join the Equestrian Royal Army, Rainbow Dash and Soarin's love for each other and their loyalty for their kingdom are tested.

This story was inspired by the song Violet Hill by Coldplay, as well as the rest of the Viva La Vida album. It takes place after the Wonderbolt Academy episode, not including Alicorn Twilight Sparkle or anything after season 3. Rated teen for a few suggestive jokes and moments of intimacy, but nothing mature.

Artwork by: Bob the Lurker.

First Story: Violet Hill.
Second Story: Til Kingdom Come.

Chapters (25)

Rainbow Dash is very bored, and decides to find something to do. From there a huge chain of bad events starts to unfold, and ultimately ends up in a touching and hilarious tale. Is this bad luck a curse, or a destiny leading to a better life?

Chapters (9)

It all started with a simple question: What if? What if Luna had ponies who noticed the beautiful nights she created. Would she have turned into Nightmare Moon? Would she and Celestia rule together for a thousand years? Would Twilight meet the rest of the bearers of the elements and become friends with them? Now, with the help of a new magic spell that she created, Twilight is going to find out!

Welcome to the Lunar Republic!

Featured 4/9/15

Chapters (73)

(Big thanks to Blueshift for helping me properly bring this story back to the site!)

Every Fifty years a special reunion is held by the many creatures of Equestria and its neighboring nations to maintain the peace that they have known for so long. This year much has changed. Equestria is on the brink of war and only one Princess has what it takes to prevent it. Rainbow Dash, daughter of Celestia and Heir to the throne. Bonds of friendship will be tested and some friendships will become more, while others are torn apart at the seams.

(After thinking over all the hate-mail i received on this story and everything the fans of this have told me, I've changed the story a bit. I feel I was a bit too harsh on Gilda. I've added in the missing scenes that were removed before due to fear of what people would think, and I've changed a few more things that were bugging me when i first wrote it.)

Partially inspired by Sun and Stars Please go read it, the story is awesome and the writer is even more awesome.

Chapters (15)
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