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Ember, Starlight, and Rarity have a girl night inside Twilight's castle. After trying a new Apple's creation, zap-apple cider, the three begin talking about many thing. Loves, dreams, and hopes that all find their ways to Spike.

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You've just moved into a new house in a new neighborhood, and as you unload some boxes, a sexy, purple-haired girl calls you over and asks for help. You'd seen her a few times as you've come and gone, but you'd never asked her out. Now, she's asking if you'd help her with some groceries. You say yes, of course, but something tells you she wants more than just a little assistance . . . .

The first installment of "The Steam Collection". Second-person present-tense perspective set in the EG universe, based on a random scenario I saw and replied to on Facebook. Rated 'Teen' for some steamy moments—as close to sex as you can get and still keep it clean.

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"I've traveled the world, seen many things and found my way out of everything. But how can I keep from getting close to ponies who care so much, and for no real reason. Yeah i saved a life or two but why is that so special to them, oh well. But i can't just let them in, i can't let anyone in...."
A pony with something to hide has come to Equestria, and by mere chance has befriended the royals of this new and strange land. What will become of a pony who wanted to be alone in a new world of friendship?

Inspired by the MLP Analyst group, this fan fiction fetters many of them such as mad munchkin, silver quill, doctor wolf and others.If any of you from the MLP Analyst group happen to be reading, i hope you enjoy with everyone else.

I'd sit tight everyone, the chapters may seem short at times but this story is going to be a long one, have fun.

Chapters (21)

Home to a wide variety of species and their various communities, the planet Equus is shared peacefully between prey and predators alike.

And, in her ever present benevolence, Princess Celestia has kept an open door policy on immigration into her, almost, Utopian country for years. So when a fumbling Anon suddenly appeared in Canterlot one day nobody panicked, he was peacefully taken to the Princess and explained his predicament to her. Understanding his situation, the Princess informed him that she would try her hardest to help him, but that it could also be awhile before there was any major progress in that effort.

So, with nothing better to do, the human applied for the reasonably easy Equestrian citizenship. Princess Celestia, hearing about this, decided to help Anon with his efforts and sent the human to Ponyville under her former pupil's charge, believing that it would be easier on him and to help the lonely human make some good friends along the way.

If only she knew how much suffering would come from that foolish decision.

(Part of Vol.1 of the One Shot O'Clock)

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This story is a sequel to Aria's Got A Date!

After one date with Alto, Aria found herself flattered to go on another one, but this time at the beach. Not only will she re-connect with water, but there's more opportunity for sexy teasing. Though, she wants a little more advancement in the relationship this time...

A little more deeper...

Sex is for dirty thoughts and sexual references

Art done by CBear624!

Featured on 9/12 and 9/13!

Chapters (1)

Aria was supposed to be a tough punk, not having any sort of special feelings towards anybody, but Sonata seems to think differently. Aria rolls her eyes, but when Sonata invites him over for studying, the truth could reveal...

Sex is for dirty thoughts and sexual references

Featured on August 30th, 31st, and September 1st!

Art by Trainbang!

Audio Version by ScarlettBlade!

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This story is a sequel to Human Husbandry

It was in the kitchen that Fluttershy trapped him, demanding the girth of his gift. Ralph didn't think he would be the one to pop her precious cherry. There were hundreds of reason why they shouldn't. Her being a pony and him a human. But yet and still, it's right there. Tempting him to give in.

Written for kicks and romantic fluff practice. You don't have to read the original to understand this story.

Rated T for sexual implications, suggestive dialogue and all that good, good cuddle-crack.

Chapters (1)

Daniel is a normal guy, he takes lessons of archery after school, go home and repeats. But one day of winter, he suddenly appears in a world of overcolored magical talking mini horses. He now must learn their culture and fit in, because there's nothing else he can do.

(Rated sex for innuendo)

Chapters (13)

Garble's behavior towards Spike and his pony friends - despite being mimicked by his cronies - was unacceptable by the standards of the Elder dragons, and he was taken sorely to task for it. When the Elders decided an apology had to be delivered, Garble's twin sister, Garbledina, volunteered to deliver the apology. She claimed it was a sense of responsibility for her twin's behavior, but in truth she was curious about the 'runt' who so thoroughly got under his skin.

When she actually meets him, however, that curiosity quickly grows to something more. This comes as a shock to Spike and his friends...especially to a certain unicorn mare.

Cover image - cropped from the image that inspired this story - by Mr. 101.

Chapters (6)

Life is pretty unpredictable for me, but that alone is the predictable part of it. Pretty early on, I learned that I should expect the unexpected, and enjoy the brief moments of peace when they were there. Such an outlook helped me early on to keep from going crazy with all of the stuff that's happened to us all.

As the years passed though, I found my own source of peace: my closest friends.

My best friends were always there for me, and I for them. We held each other up when we fell below the surface of the sea of life, and offered friendly smiles and listening ears to each other when we needed it most. Even with all the insanity we weathered over the years, we became closer in spite of it...or, perhaps because of it. In a world of hoarding dragons, I may be the only one that cherished a small group of ponies over gold or jewels.


Rated T for use of alcohol, language of a sexually suggestive nature, and implied sexual acts.

Cover art provided by Ende26, used with permission.

Note: Ponies are considered adolescent/mature at a much younger age than humans (six and fourteen, respectively). I've made an oversight on this, and I believe this explanation will fix that. Also, this will be a Spike-harem fic, but as with all my other submissions, there is no clop; just a heads up.

Featured multiple times!

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