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Sunset Shimmer went through a lot of BS through the years but suddenly turning into a guy takes the cake!

Oh yeah, there's also the three 'sirens' that kept on rubbing around him, princesses who think that he's their lost student or something and an avatar of destruction that kept on saying that he needed to find his 'soulmate.'

Troublesome. If only he hadn't stolen that jewellery box from that old man then he wouldn't even be in this dumb mess!

Crossover and RGRE are going to be obvious as the story progress.

A HiE featuring Human Sunset as the Human. I've always wanted to make these so here it is!

Chapters (2)

After investigating a strange portal, Fluttershy finds herself at the home of Dillan, a human. And she is very scared. She wants to go home, but the portal is closed. After experiencing a horrid belly ache from eating human food, she requests an odd remedy.

Warning: contains tummy rubs and cuteness!

Chapters (5)

Sunset has a little accident involving her bike and the Dazzlings, some get hurt, some insults are thrown and someone threatens a lawsuit.

Comedy ensues.

Inspired by the incredible work of Justice3442.

Rated "Teen" and tagged with "Sex" because Adagio, and "Profanity" because Aria.

Artwork by Me.

Chapters (1)

A genuine oblivious simulator.

Watch as pony after pony, throw themselves at you!

And you simply act borderline retarded.

Contains Mild Cursing And Lots Of Sex Slang!

I Wrote This As A Gift To My New Mate MDCommissioner!

It's dumb and silly but I hope you still enjoy luv!

Art By PonutJoe, check source for link.

Bloody Featured On 1\19\20 & 1\20\20 & 1\21\20 & 1\22\20 & 1\23\20 & 1\24\20!

Chapters (6)

Vanilla Beam has been shrunk smaller than small, in a world gentle to everything but him, friends easily able to save him if only they could see him.

Will he be able to survive stomping feet and explosions of winds, finding someone able to save him?

Comission for VanillaBeam!

Want a story for yourself? Then check out my commissions page!

Chapters (4)

After a troublesome Wonderbolts reunion, Fleetfoot returns home to demand some stress relief.

But sometimes what we want isn't always what we need.

Inspired by Sunset by P-Berry.
Edited by PeerImagination.
Original art by RenoKim.

Chapters (1)

Cute and adorable ponies go about their daily lives in Equestria, and yet none of them can forget that in 1998 The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and he plummeted sixteen feet through the Spanish Announcer's Table.

Chapters (1)

Equestrian magic has undergone yet another change. This is nothing new. Sunset Shimmer and her friends had always taken this kind of challenge in stride. Now, however, things are different. And Sunset Shimmer vows to find out why the strongest friend she'd ever made has missed an entire week of school.

This is a foolish, terrible decision that sets in motion everything Sunset is woefully unprepared for.

And we're BACK in the game!

Rated "Teen" for suggestive themes, inconsolable teenage hormones, and heavily implied sex.


Chapters (2)

Sunburst has a secret.

He is deeply and utterly in love with Shining Armor and Princess Cadance.

Though, honestly it's probably best that this stays a secret. Shining is a stud and Princess Cadance the most beautiful mare in Equestria. They're way out of his league and happily married.

It's just a bunch of dumb day dreaming and childish fantasies. They couldn't possibly like him like that.


Proofread by my lovely and utterly fantastic friends Nova Quill and Undome Tinwe .

Cover art was done the fantastic Silfoe, special thanks to her for letting me use it.

"This was a delight to read. Cute and fluffy all the way through.

Also, I appreciate the actual in-character bits and what they did for the story and progression a lot." - Carapace

"I rather enjoyed this one, gar." - Cynewulf

"What is there to say, if you like cute fluffy shipping, then you’ll like this one, and should go read. If you don’t… what’s wrong with you?" - Hopeling's 27/05/2019 Review

"This story was immensely enjoyable, one of the best I've read in quite some time. All the characters were an absolute joy to read, and the chemistry between them was perfect. The only thing that could've made it better is if there was more of it " - Krickis

Chapters (1)

Flash Sentry is the best kind of friend a girl can talk to about her heartfelt crush... ... ...which will never be him.

Chapters (7)
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