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Fevers, hoarding, and throwing up the strongest acid any toilet has ever seen. These seemingly innocuous symptoms (okay, maybe not so much the last one) are the telltale signs that Twilight Velvet recognizes as part of the family medical history. There was a strange branch of the family tree that had been handled discreetly. But the time for such discretion is over, Twilight’s symptoms aren’t responding to the usual treatment. It’s time to explore that branch, learn from it and bring her life back to a new normal.

This is the story of Twilight and her secret dragon heritage.

Amazing! Cover Art By: Anonpencil

Chapters (6)

In a world of snakes and ladders, Rarity has had to learn a single, simple fact:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single mare who desires recognition and success must, without a doubt, be a social-climbing bitch.

Edited version of my entry to Everfree Northwest's Iron Author competition. Special thanks to Swan Song for the encouragement, support, and for believing in this story strongly enough to throw money at it when I was ready to give up on it.

Amazing cover art by the fantastic lilfunkman :heart:

Chapters (1)

Pinkie Pie preemptively apologizes to Twilight: she's going to ruin their friendship.

Twilight agrees.

Pinkie suits her better as a girlfriend anyway.

Chapters (1)

Roses are red (usually), violets are blue (sort of)
Hearth's Warming has come early — From Dream Pop, with love!

Crystal and Silent had several plans for spending Hearts and Hooves Day together:
1. Give, receive, and eat lots of chocolate
2. Find ways to keep the foals entertained and quiet
3. Enjoy a romantic home cooked meal on colorful placemats
4. Laugh at how the dining table was covered in crayons, toys, and applesauce
5. Find Dream Pop in the living room with an invitation to join her for Hearth's Warming


Wait, no, that last one was definitely not on the original list—and yet that was the only one that did happen.

Written by myself and Crystal. This story is set within the Quill & Blade Universe and takes place after the events of Trials of a Royal Guard.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to The Village Called Respite

Of the four great hives, the Enchanters are held as the most powerful in their ability to charm and wrap ponies around their hooves, coaxing them to walk into their web. But sometimes, sometimes, a pony does manage to turn the tables, and enchant one of these masters of charm and sensuous wiles.

If it means a chance to hold that colt in his hooves, Maple will quite happily send word to his parents back in Paradise. This handsome pegasus with a lovely periwinkle coat, comically long name, and eyes of molten gold stole his heart the moment he stepped hoof in Respite.

Preread by Rossby Waves, Timaeus, and Wing.
Cover art by Arcticwaters.

Chapters (4)

Rayne will never forget her first and last Hearth's Warming Christmas.

It was the day that she lost her entire family.

So why does everypony want her to be happy on this really sad day? Including that super cute stallion who's new to town...

written by: me
cover from: my best friend bappu
help of: everyone

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to I Am Sick

A few weeks apart doesn't seem so bad. Well, that is, until those weeks of being alone are actually happening. Then it can feel like hell. Fortunately for Berry, her absent love has left something behind to help her pass the days before he returns.

Warning: Contains discussions of death, depressing topics, mild sexual discussion, and the name Anon.

This story is a follow up to When You Least Expect It, but does not require that you read the rest of the series to enjoy.
Coverart by johansrobot

Chapters (3)

Ponyville declares to Celestia that they are now their own sovereign nation. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

Written for Aragon, comedy master, for his birthday.

Edited by Majin Syeekoh

Chapters (1)

After a dozen books and twice as many adventures, there was little that could out-puzzle Daring Do. Ancient tombs, civilizations long forgotten, dastardly villains—she'd seen and bested them all. There wasn't a single adventure she hadn't conquered.

Though, as always, Rainbow Dash succeeds at proving to be the exception to the rule.

Preread by Carabutt and Jondor.

Cover art by Rossby Waves.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Velveteen Mask

Nothing hurts more than a break-up... except, perhaps, that break-up following immediately after a marriage proposal. That's just the situation Silver Script finds himself in with his marefriend of five years: everything was perfect until he proposed and she rejected him.

With no desire to be near the source of his heartache, he hops a cloud going anywhere and winds up in Canterlot. A mare by the name of Velvet Step offers to let him move in with her so long as he follows one simple rule: "Don't fall in love with me."

Chapters (11)