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HELLO! My name Gabriel. I'm a writer. Mostly for the romance and adventure. My favorite ships are TwiDash and SpitDash and i look forward to writing with all of you guys!

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Every year, I write to the princess. I think she's amazing. I want to be just like her.

I wonder if she'll ever reply.

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Research log #579

It's been over one and a half years ago since the last activation of the device, though the magical signature hasn't changed it seems... weakened, to such a degree that the re-activation is impossible.

As described in the notes of research log #249 any attempt at providing the device an artificial source of magic to power failed, the device simply needed more energy than even the combined magical power of both Princess Luna and Celestia were capable of providing. You must be wondering now, I've already described these circumstances in previous logs so why bring it up now?

Simply said I'm out of options, every attempt of reactivating the device have failed and I'm only left with a single choice. I'm going to have to reverse engineer the device in an attempt to understand the mechanics with which it operates...

...At the risk of maybe never being unable to reconstruct it later.

I'm so sorry Fluttershy, I never should have involved you or any of the girls in the exploration of this structure. I hope that if we ever see you again you can find it in yourself to forgive me.

-Twilight Sparkle

In the true sense of Mass Effect, this story will be CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) giving you the reader the choice to decide the action of our protagonist. :twilightsmile:

I hope you enjoy!

Every chapter past chapter 27 was edited by gerandakis :twilightsmile:

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Twilight Sparkle and Celestia are seeing one another.

They both want it - happiness, to share in their moments, trials and tribulations, all of it, no matter the changes that come.

Now they just have to tell the parents. It should be simple enough.

But a lot of things are simple at first.

My extra special, somewhat belated thanks go to friends Tired Old Man and Vylon for much editing, and additional thanks to Tired Old Man for penning the wonderful title description above. You guys are great, you really are.

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The brown note is legendary among researchers and common folks alike as a source of intrigue and comedy.

For Clockwork, an earth pony whose real talent lies in repairing nearly anything, it’s been a never ending source of pain and isolation. Seeking a quiet place to spend the rest of her days, she closes her humble mechanical repair shop in Canterlot and moves to Ponyville. Unbeknownst to her, Ponyville is anything but quiet, and a chance encounter with its resident alicorn sets her life on a course she could never imagine.
Despite the name, this fic features no explicit content. This started as a mini-crackfic that eventually turned into legitimate romance story. Takes place before Starlight Glimmer is reformed.

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This story is a sequel to The Moon and her Star

Twilight and her mother, Luna, return from the moon a year early and though Celestia is suspicious at first she eventually welcomes her sister back and her new niece with open hooves. However, not everyone is so welcoming. Twilight and Luna's relationship is tested time and time again as disaster after disaster stricks Equestria. Will their bond be able to survive, or will it shatter like glass?

Art by littlewashu45

Edit: Made #1 featured on 7/24/18

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During her engagement to Shining Armor Princess Cadance makes a new friend, the pegasus businessmare Chrysanthemum Crown. Beautiful, confident, and full of surprises, the two strike up a rapport that brings light to both their lives.

During the preparation for the Invasion of Canterlot, Queen Chrysalis finds herself deep in the good graces of the pony Princess she will replace. And the more she gets to know her, the more she understands why Cadance is the Princess of Love.

Third Place Winner in the Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord Contest
Cover Art by Lopoddity

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Long ago, the Seraphim granted power to the Doom Slayer that he might conquer the forces of Hell. The Doom Slayer has won, Hell lies defeated, and now he returns to the Seraphim's holy realm. His mission is not over though, he has promises to fulfill, rewards to collect, and as always, evil to defeat. Let those who would harm this sacred land tremble, for the guardian of Equestria, has returned!

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This story is a sequel to Reformation of the Hives

Even though the threat of the jungle queens and Grogar have been diminished, life often times does not get wrapped up in a neat little bow. More troubles present themselves large and small. Our only hope is we keep passing life's constant tests, even when it is the last thing we wish to do.

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This story is a sequel to Of the Hive

Having fully embraced her new changeling heritage, Twilight Sparkle turns to the past to learn more about her people. A difficult task, given that every other queen cares next to nothing about it.

What she finds will shed unwanted light on a secret better left forgotten.

Editor in Chief: ABitterPill

Coverart: Tulip

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This story is a sequel to For the Hive

A few months after the events of Queen Twilight Sparkle's reveal that she and her hive can produce love, the changeling hives find themselves in an arms race. As Aegis Altair watches over her queens haggling with the minotaur emperor, she finds something that just might give Phoenix's Roost the edge it needs to come out on top.

This is a short interlude before hive book 3.

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