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This story is a sequel to Abandoned and Alone

Aviana is Part of an Outcast a group of ponies in her school. She has depression that affects her. The outcasts aren’t recognized, but are all extraordinary. Alvon is part of the Populars,so he has a power over ponies in the school, however he doesn’t want it. He just wants Aviana-the filly he finds out that he likes. Spring Blossom is trying to find her place in the world and she will do anything to find it. Crystal wants a stable relationship. She thought she had one with Alvon but she was wrong. now she’s looking for love while trying to win Alvon back. Lime Overtime and Lemona have a secret that they try to keep from their friends, so that the groups wouldn’t fall apart...

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Twilight was just a normal alicorn princess, until Sea Breezie is sad about his family not wanting to go home, so he asks Twilight out for an afternoon on the coast.

(This time I drewtthe picture by myself on Tux Paint. i tryed a sketchy style from then what Im used to. :) tell Me what you thank)

UPDATE: GUYS! Check out this animated reading from banquo0 https://youtu.be/uerkflu8GyI I super love it <3 please show your suppot

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