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We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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It wasn't long after Sombra's defeat that he was found in the outskirts of the frozen north, regenerated from his dismembered horn, but too weak to do anything more than stay in hiding and hope to make a full recovery. Princess Celestia was swiftly alerted of his re-appearance, and the dethroned king was dragged away from the north to be kept prisoner in the Canterlot Castle.

After weeks of planning, the princess called Fluttershy to Canterlot and bestowed upon her the task of reforming yet another foe. If there was anypony who could have some influence on such a vile overlord, it was her.

Fluttershy, however, wasn't nearly as certain of herself. Discord was so much different; he was so much easier. Back then, she had the elements of harmony at her disposal. but now, living in the Canterlot Castle with not a fellow element for miles, King Sombra was an entirely different story.

This fic is a redo of the first fanfic I've ever posted on Fimfiction.
Editor: m1ntf4n. Shower him with much love and admiration.

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The entirety of Golden Oaks Library has been demolished by Tirek's hand and while Twilight and the others are searching through the rubble for anything that survived the attack, they're all horrified to find Sombra caught up in the rubble.

Now in the hospital, fighting for his life, Sombra lies unconscious with little chance of waking up. During his sleep, Pinkie waits for him to awake as she reflects on everything they went through together as a couple, including the fight they had not long before Tirek's destruction of the library.

Sometimes you don't realize how important things really are until it's too late.

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This is a side story to The Not-So-Normal Adventures of King Sombra and Pinkie Pie.

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