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Welcome to my world, my mind and my own Wonderland. Writer, Analyst, Critic, Movie Buff, Gamer, Researcher, that's who I am.

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  • My Personal Collection 360 stories My favorites stories on the site.

  • From friends, for friends 300 stories Some of my top choices for stories that are different, or touch on subjects I think are interesting. Writers such as Vanilla Mocha, Silver Malice, SparkletopRainbows and Opium4TmassS are here, so you'll find a lot of their works in here. There are quite a few other stories that meet this criteria, and I wish for everyone, including the artists themselves, to know the impact and creativity they have had on me and others deserve to experience them as well.

  • Good 180 stories Good stories, but not favorites

  • Eh... 5 stories


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