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For over five-hundred years, The Pinion has been Equestria's premier news source. From Sombra's bloody enslavement of the Breezies to Nightmare Moon's personal preference for lingerie, no story is too big or too small to escape our notice.

Now you can see for yourself what makes this publication the best in Equestria.

Midnight Blaze, Editor in Chief
King of Beggars, Correspondent
PegasusMesa, Correspondent
Magello, Graphic Artist

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Ahuizotl threatens to sue A. K. Yearling for libel unless she stops writing the Daring Do books. She makes him a counter-offer.

Based on the November 2014 prompt from The Writeoff Association, "Title Drop," the original version of this story won second place in that month's contest.

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Whilst enjoying the company of Twilight Sparkle and her friends in the doughnut shop immediately following the events of The Best Night Ever a disappointed Princess Celestia send a letter off to Prince Blueblood explaining the implications of his failure of the "Rarity Test", among other things...

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When Maud Pie officially endorses the latest party game to hit Equestria, Pinkie can't wait to share it with her friends.

For all the wrong reasons, it's a game they won't soon forget.

The trendsetter so controversial, 60% of FimFic's mods ruthlessly crushed the subsequent bandwagon!

Stuff said about CAE:
"I never knew I wanted this until now!" - Xomniac
"Despite your vileness, I can't stop laughing at this fic!" - Professor Tactitus
"Illuminati confirmed." - AlesFlamas
"So weird, I reviewed it twice!" - John Perry

Rated Teen, but brace yourselves for some rather 'near-the-knuckle' humour and strong-ish sexual references. Oh my.

Edited by Kolth

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Cadance and Night Light share a pleasant conversation in a café. Everything somehow manages to get really weird, really fast.

Proofread by Octavia Harmony and Selbi.

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Rarity's birthday is coming up soon, and Spike is looking for a birthday present for her. As he is walking down to market, he overhears one stallion tell another that his fillyfriend showed him her filly bits. Spike thinks that these are collector's editions of regular bits that are used as currency, and decides they would be a great gift for Rarity.
Rated Teen & tagged sex for suggestive themes and euphemisms (no sex happens, though).

Awesome cover art by BaffledDingo

Featured 10/9/2014 :-)

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Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic and student of Princess Celestia, has braved many dangers and defeated powerful foes. But on a peaceful afternoon, she will face her greatest challenge: eating some lunch.

With thanks to GlueFactory for helping me edit, and Equestria Daily for featuring me!

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Twilight goes with Rainbow to watch her race in Cloudsdale only to suddenly find herself being 'wooed' by Thunderlane.

Saw the cover art and decided to make a story around it with permission from Ravenpuff

9/6/14 Featured!
I don't really know the meaning of this. I was going for a minimum length little thing because I saw the cover pic. Then it gets featured. Maybe it means I can die peacefully now. Except people want me to write more. Dunno what to do with my life anymore.

Many suggestions later. *Dramatic sigh* I suppose I'll switch this to incomplete. :)

YouTube reading by Captain Bron3y!

New chapters edited by the fantastic AnonponyDASHIE

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Featured on Equestria Daily.
Featured on FiMFiction.
Review by Cerulean Voice.

When a debt-collection company sends a representative to collect on Lyra's parents' debts, they don't care that her parents have been missing for years - the debt is legally hers. If she can't pay up, she'll lose her house.

In order to pay the debt, Lyra devises a plan that simply can not fail - she'll convert her home into an item shop and sell her way to riches! Surely Bon Bon will help, too. What could possibly go wrong?

Inspired by Recettear

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Before the crusaders, there was the three hazards of Ponyville. It's been ten years since the hazards promised to meet again some sunny day. The promise thay made that day will shine through the trouble that split them apart in the years after.

With help from JumbledThought, and Rinnaul.

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