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When Twilight first began her experiments in trying to figure out better ways to access the Aether, the realm of magic and souls just outside their physical realm, she did not expect to make significant progress. After all, pony kind has been trying to find out the answer to that line of thinking for centuries.

When she felt herself connect to the other realm Twilight accidentally manipulated its energies in a different sort of way. The Aether bent to her will much easier than before. Getting just a bit too excited, Twilight played with the Aether a tad too freely and the reality-bending powers of the outer realm sucked her into its bottomless depths.

Fortunately Twilight was able to direct herself back to the material realm using the closest, and brightest, soul she could find as an anchor. And the second she looked up at the skull of the skeleton sitting on top of a golden throne, she knew life was about to get more... interesting.

(A crossover with "If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device")

Chapters (2)

Twilight wakes up alone and scared on an unfamiliar ship with a group of unfamiliar humanoids. Things take a turn for the worst when the group find themselves trapped on a ship overrun with mutated damntations that will stop at nothing to kill the humans and the out of place pony.

Teaming up with fellow survivor Isaac Clarke, Twilight attempts to escape the abominations and find her way back home. But can she really trust Isaac's sanity?

(This is the reboot of I have a Jar of Dirt's popular story. For those of you who dont know, he passed it on to me to complete; which i was more than glad to accept.)

((proofread by Zaponator and Flutterguy_6996))

Chapters (7)

[Not canon to Season 3 ending][Occurs before the Royal Wedding]

Anyone here think it's another generic Fallout Xover? You're wrong! It's my vision of Fallout 4!


Twilight Sparkle has done many things: defeated Nightmare Moon and Discord, even had a temper tantrum or two. One thing she hasn't done is survive in a post-apocalyptic nuclear winter without any of her friends, or any ponies for that matter. All that she has is her magic, a combat knife, a rifle, a 9mm pistol, and a strange creature called a "Hoo-Man" that she travels with for protection. All that she can really do is try to find her way home and to not die every five minutes.

Chapters (5)

It's been a year now since Twilight vanished after attempting a sonic rainboom. She's spent her time fighting in WWII alongside her brothers in arms. Now, after a bad jump, she finds herself back in Equestria. After a well deserved rest, a nice, warm bath, and the most unusual breakfast, she begins to tell her story.

Chapters (19)

Being a cowboy is usually very straightforward. Frank, however, finds himself in over his head when he meets a unicorn - a very whiny, needy unicorn with a compulsive need to be fabulous and an unexpected knack for gunslinging.

In a world where nothing comes easy and everything is incredibly dirty, a man and a pony are going to have to rely on each other to make it through.

Chapters (15)

Weeks after the failed assault on Canterlot by the Chrysalis Hive, things are tense in Equestria. A lone changeling looking for somepony to feed on is discovered in Ponyville like many often are. But that's where his involvement in Equestria ends, for his adventure in Skyrim is about to start.

Sent to a new and frigid land where people can be as cold and unforgiving as the weather, this changeling will find that all is not well; a civil war threatens to tear its people apart, dark forces work in the shadows to gather followers and waiting for the opportune chance to strike, and an ancient prophecy is about to be realized, as Alduin the World Eater returns to raise an army of his dragon kin to destroy all of Nirn.

But all is not lost, as the Dovahkiin, dragonborn hero of legend, is on a journey to fulfill her destiny, and save the world from Alduin's wrath.

Who better for out changeling to join up with.

Read on as their tale unfolds.
A long needed rewrite/ revision of my first attempt at a story, A Changeling's visit to Skyrim.
9/15/17: Changed title from the way too lengthy original "Escapades of a Changeling Soulstoke: Skyrim".

Chapters (23)

The world of Equestria has lived in peace, never knowing that this world was never their home to begin with. Now when their six protectors go missing they must call upon five misfits. Each of them have a sordid past with each of The Elements but they must put those behind as they enter an new world that at the same time seems so familiar. They must tread carefully, however, for the shadow of The Makuta knows no bounds. Even for those who thought themselves protected.

Co-written with Fernrisian Brony.

Chapters (3)

It has been several months since the disappearance of Twilight Sparkle..

One night, after watching her sister raise the Moon and set the heavens alight, Princess Celestia begins to bed down for the night, only to be interrupted by portal forming in her room. From out of the portal comes none other than Twilight Sparkle, garbed in strange armor.

Princess Celestia, along with Luna, Cadence, and Shining Armor, are overjoyed by the Element of Magic's return, but are justifiably curious as to where she had been and what she had been doing. And so, Twilight begins her tale. A tale of survival against impossible odds. A tale of a people fighting for the most basic right of all sentient beings. The right to exist.

Chapters (9)

Twilight Sparkle finds an ancient book in her library about teleportation magic. After an experiement gone wrong she and her friends find themselves in a strange land with new friends and make some new enemies.
She must now try to find a way back to Equestria or face the possibility of being eaten alive by a new threat that lurks in the skies above.

Copyrights go to their respective owners - Hasbro, Bethesda, etc.

Picture provided by DJMoonRay.

I am very biased in the real game so any changes such as sides of Stormcloaks or Imperials are already chosen and will not be changed.

Chapters (22)

Locating an artifact buried deep underneath one of the ancient places of study. An artifact is discovered. Though unlike many of his other artifacts there are no legends about it, there are no words or even vague writings save for one small message that they believe was written in blood found with the obsidian mirror
"some powers are not worth studying"
The only piece of the page able to be read. Naturally Starswirl the bearded's biggest fan nearly abuses her authority to be able to be first to study the artifact and of course gets sucked into the mirror to find a land filled with strife and danger. A land that the powers of friendship are not very well able to help anything with. Join the princess of friendship as she grows up, learning real lessons of honor, duty, and more mature lessons of life and the cost of ruling a nation. Will she triumph over her trails or fall victim to the many MANY dangers of Nirn.

Chapters (16)
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