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Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer have a leisurely talk on the couch about their day.

Historians will look back on it as the most important–and dangerous–event across two universes.

First Reader: Mooncalf
Cover Art: Gabbslines


Chapters (5)

When Roseluck stumbles upon a creature that is half pony and half danger noodle, it is up to her wits and quick thinking to escape its hypnotic clutches.

This story is a lighter take on the idea presented in The Rose and the Serpent by Gulheru.

Chapters (1)

Some time has passed since the end of the Friendship Games, and Twilight Sparkle is still adjusting, but it's nothing that Sunset can't help her with. However, something seems off when Twilight starts to have dreams. Dreams of a library with infinite books, and of a masked warrior who fought against monsters.

It is soon revealed that these were not dreams but premonitions, the power of the Earth has give birth to the creations known as Gaia Memories, and in order stop those who would use their power to hurt others, Sunset and Twilight will have to work together to stop it. With knowledge in hand, Twilight will equip Sunset with the tools needed to fight this menace, Sunset Shimmer will become Kamen Rider Unicorn!

"Time to restore harmony!"


This is a crossover of the Japanese Tokukatsu type TV series, Kamen Rider W

Apparently it has a TV Tropes page, go figure. Thanks whoever did it!

New cover art is fan art from pyropyre

And here's the theme song, Brave Phoenix

Chapters (52)

This story is a sequel to Utaan

Rainbow Dash traverses the perils of the Dark Side of the world to reach the Midnight Armory.

Cover art by Dafaddah

Chapters (265)

Growing feelings for someone in text form is one thing, but what happens when you meet for the first time? Anon meets his long time penpal and crush from overseas, Aryanne

Chapters (1)

In Equestria's not-distant-enough future, while the rest of the kingdom recovers from the ravages of war, the city of Manehattan has become a cesspool of crime and corruption. While Mayor Orange works tirelessly to reclaim the city from the gangs and syndicates, the crimelord known only as the Shadow King controls the criminal underworld.

When even the most honest citizens are forced to resort to crime in order to survive, can there be any hope for Manehattan's future? Orphaned teenagers Pound and Pumpkin Cake doubt it, no matter what their guardians try to tell them.

This may change, however, when a beautiful and mysterious unicorn warrior emerges to face the Shadow King's army of thugs, monsters and mutants. With a shining crystal blade to pierce through the darkness, and a seemingly limitless supply of talents (and costumes), the Warrior of Love, Sweetie Honey, may yet shine a light upon Manehattan's future.

(Cover image by Tofutiles)

Chapters (1)

During Spring Break, Sweetie Belle decides to help her sister deliver a dress for Sunset Shimmer. What she doesn't realize is that the former unicorn has a secret. Despite spending so much time as a human, Sunset still finds clothing uncomfortable and enjoys living in the buff whenever she can.

Although reluctant to embrace the idea at first, Sweetie decides to follow Sunset's example and try the clothes-free lifestyle for herself. The young teen comes to realize that she loves the feeling of freedom it offers and wants others to enjoy it too. Thus, the Natural Living Appreciation Club was formed.

*Please note that this story primarily focuses on naturism as a lifestyle. It does not contain exhibitionism or graphic depictions of sex.

Collab Authors: Blake Skies Enclave2277

Chapters (20)

We all know the famous hero, Mare Do Well, but why does she act the way she does?
Why does she always strive to help others, and spread her message of love?
In this letter, submitted to the Newsponies of Equestria, the masked hero herself tells us why.
Read on, and gain a deeper understanding of one of Equestria's greatest ponies.

Chapters (1)

The mysterious Mare Do Well used to be loved and praised by all as the greatest, and only, vigilante in Ponyville but now she's on the run from any public contact as a vagabond. Why is this so? Is there a reason she can't be a savior without people trying to arrest her? Here is the story of why Mare Do Well no longer is a great hero...

Cover art by Tofutiles on DeviantArt

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to My Little Investigations: The Gemstone Godfather

My name is Twilight Sparkle. I am the Princess of Friendship; one of the rulers of Equestria. There was once a time when I was called the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well. I used this identity briefly to teach my friend Rainbow Dash a lesson in humility. Several moons after that incident, somepony else has taken up the mantle, using it to protect ponies who are in peril. Very few ponies know the true nature of this enigmatic mare; I among them. The only thing known for certain is that she is a true hero.

But now, she has gone mad. Or at least, that's what we're supposed to believe after she allegedly crashed this year's Grand Galloping Gala. Personally, I'm not buying it. Like I said, I know this Mare-Do-Well. She would never do something like this. And as if to confirm my suspicions, there was a note left at the crime scene stating that an impostor is on the loose in one of four locations. Thankfully, I'm not alone in thinking this. My friends support me, and three ponies who have worked with Mare-Do-Well in the past agree that something is amiss.

This is their story as much as it is my own. Mare-Do-Well is our friend, and we have to be there for her just as she's been there for us. Whether she's in the Griffon Kingdom, Manehattan, the Mewlun Mountains, or here in Canterlot, we will find her and unmask her doppelgänger. Come along, Spike! The game is afoot!

The story we're about to tell you is real, although some details are ambiguous in nature. To emphasize this point, no names have been changed. It is also my duty to inform you that this tale contains subject matter that may be inappropriate for younger audiences. Viewer's discretion is strongly advised.

((Case 4 of the Mare-Do-Well Files. It's highly recommended that you read the other cases first; otherwise you will get confused.))

POV Codex:

T: Twilight Sparkle
S: Spitfire
O: Octavia
A: Amethyst Star
M: Multiple POVs in the same chapter

Chapters (51)
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