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A dragon and his human charge wander their way through a much harsher Equestria.

A submission for Obselesence's Most Dangerous Group Contest.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle gathers her friends after receiving a rather distressing letter from her mentor, Princess Celestia. She's not happy about the contents, at all.

It seems her friends all went on some magical adventure without her. And now they're all in a lot of trouble.

Sex tag and Teen rating for some crude humor.

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Rover the Diamond Dog has been pack leader for years now, protecting the Diamond Dogs near Ponyville from all manner of threats. He’s made mistakes, such as the time he thought it would be a good idea to kidnap a unicorn to help find gems. But those mistakes don’t change his responsibilities—their pack has a sacred charge, one he will see fulfilled no matter what.

Takes place immediately following “Dog and Pony Show”

This story was inspired by this thread! Probably read the story first, because it’s going to completely spoil what this is about.

Pre-reading by the patient Bitera and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

Chapters (2)

When a young Scootaloo is foal-napped from her home, the last thing she expect was for her captors to offer her a free education. More unexpected were the subjects being taught. The 'High Educator of Rogue Dignitaries' was hardly a regular school after all. But despite her predisposition for causing chaos, Scootaloo isn't exactly happy about having the life of a villain forced upon her. She is even more unhappy about not being able to leave for the next 6 years. Luckily breaking the rules is one of her specialities.

Crossover AU based on the H.I.V.E. series by Mark Walden.

Chapters (6)

Two hundred years before the reunification of the three pony tribes, it was a curse to be born an Earth Pony. The Unicorn nobility ruthlessly taxes and subjugate them, while Pegasus marauders mercilessly raid towns and villages under the 'protection' of Pegasopolis. However, when a mysterious creature wielding ungodly powers saves a village from a Pegasus raid, the Earth Ponies finally see a way to break free of the vicious cycle and earn their freedom and equality.

Else where, a young man finds himself cast into a foreign world after an encounter with the spirit of chaos, armed with nothing but his newly bought handgun along with two magazines' worth of ammunition. However, he realized that the world he found himself in is far more complicated than he could ever imagine and that he must act to help the oppressed or forever live with a guilty conscience.

An experimental story trying to train my pacing a little, and hoping to create a HiE story with a more meaningful theme than just 'Find Mane 6 and live in Ponyville'. Big thanks to Garzeel_ for prereading! Hope you guys enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

Warning: contains a fair amount of swearing.

Edit: Featured 4/08/17! Thank you all very much! :pinkiehappy:

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Whilst enjoying the company of Twilight Sparkle and her friends in the doughnut shop immediately following the events of The Best Night Ever a disappointed Princess Celestia send a letter off to Prince Blueblood explaining the implications of his failure of the "Rarity Test", among other things...

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The story of 'The Mare that eats the Monsters' is an old, but still very well known Equestrian campfire and bed time story, often told to scare little fillies and colts into behaving themselves. It tells of a mare who loves Equestria and the ponies who live in it despite how frighteningly different she is. She protects ponies across Equestria from nightmarish creatures and monsters that would seek to kill ponies wherever possible.
What most ponies don't realize, but what Twilight Sparkle is soon to learn, is that the mare of the story was and is very real.

And the stakes of her mission have never been higher.

(This story has the horror tag, yes, but it isn't the dominant theme here.)

Chapters (17)

Ever since prohibition was ratified in Equestria, many businesses felt a sudden dip in profits. There was only one business that actually became more lucrative when alcohol was outlawed: Organized crime.

Octavia Melody is a "made man", a part of the Pie Crime Family for as long as she could remember, climbing the ranks from messenger to drug runner to one of Maud Pie's most trusted lieutenants. Things have been great, for the most part. She can't stop thinking about her mistakes, and the pain in her arm refused to go away, but she has more money and power than she really knows what to do with. So she goes about her business, sinning in the morning and praying for forgiveness in the evening. Things are about as good as they get with such a dangerous, uncertain lifestyle.

The life of a made man isn't easy, especially when there may be enemies inside the family, as well as outside

Chapters (7)

Featured on 1/31/2017
This is the story of two criminals by the name of Snatch and Ransack. They were petty thieves with a list of equally petty crimes to their names. It was on this day however that they decided to aim a little higher on their criminal escapades and upgrade from basic thievery to kidnapping. They planned it all out; they had chloroform, they had the windowless van, they had the ransom demands, they had the location they would hold their captive, it was perfect.

The only mistake they made was the target they chose. She looked like a harmless pink haired girl with a family that would pay through the nose to get her back. What they didn't realize is that every single animal, bird, and insect in within a ten mile radius was going to take umbrage with her getting kidnapped.

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For as long as the oldest of them could remember, the Guardians had defended what remains of humanity against the forces lurking in the dark. With gun, blade and the Traveller's Light, the heroes born of Earth put themselves between the monsters from the void and those too weak to fight back. Human, Awoken, Exo; the physical coil of the Guardian had never truly mattered so long as they were willing and capable of defend their homeworld.

Until a Guardian came from the wastes that was neither Human, Awoken or Exo; a Guardian not born of Earth.

(Destiny/FiM Crossover)
(Gore tag for blood and violence)
(Thanks to Noble Cause, BradTheBrony and Metallusionsismagic for prereading!)
(Possible Spoilers in the comments, BEWARE!)

Chapters (4)