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It's a fact often ignored by peons, traitors and other non-entities but true royalty does not get ill.

So though it might appear that Queen Chrysalis is ill she obviously isn't.

And while it might appear that she needs looking after, she doesn't!

...but if you insist then she is wise enough to take advantage.

A reading from the ever on-the-ball Straight To The Point Studio

Another reading from, uh, Pony & Wolf Productions, apparently. Who I'd never heard of. But good on them!

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Every citizen of the Crystal Empire seemed to go through memory loss after the 1,000 years banishment. What if King Sombra did as well?

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Tony Stark had everything he wanted in his life. He had his company. He had a carefree life where he could simply enjoy himself and tinker with whatever came to mind...and he was a super hero to boot! He couldn't imagine ever being happier.

And then a rainbow-maned Pegasus foal dropped into his life, and turned it upside down.

Lucky for Tony Stark that the multiverse is much more imaginative than he is.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Will freely mix several different Iron Man continuities based on what makes the story work best.

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Meet Cyr. He's one of the last of his breed: A Changeling Behemoth, living battering rams that are selected and mutated from the worker caste of the Hive. Aged from centuries of labor and service to his Queen, he grows disgusted and weary of the Changeling's plots and malevolent attempts to feed on love, especially after his capture during the Canterlot wedding. Thus begins a new (and possibly more enjoyable) chapter of his existence.

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Rainbow Dash's academic record gets the better of her when she finds out that no one in class is willing to pair up with her for a group project. No one except for Sonata Dusk, a girl hated by Rainbow and the entire school.

Can Rainbow stomach working with a former enemy?

Can Sonata find some way of redeeming herself?

They have one week to find out.

Winner of EbonQuill's Dazzling Contest.

Lovingly proofread by: Tempus

Warning, this fic discusses: dealing with domestic abuse.

Hey this fic got featured on episode 202 of Pony411. That was pretty neat.

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Immortals are few and far between in Equestria, and they are all known to each other. Two of them are about to get to know each other a little better. Because one has just turned up uninvited in another’s private chambers. Maybe it’s time they had a chat?

This story contains enormous spoilers for season 6, and won’t make a great deal of sense if you haven’t seen that.

Proofread, edited and significantly improved by NaiadSagaIotaOar. Any remaining problems with the story are from where I didn't heed the advice given.

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In the magical land of Equestria, two alicorn sisters raise the Sun and the Moon every day to give the world a night and day cycle, basic for the survival of life. There are also two alicorns who rule over two very core aspects of life and harmony itself. Those are Love and Friendship. While not as ancient as the two sisters, all princesses are essential to the world's balance.
This balance is also sustained by the hard-working ponies, who make the seasons change and manage the weather to fit their needs, so everypony has enough food and water, and every animal is also attended to assure that any of them are caught in the changes of seasons.

But what about the planet itself? What about Mother Nature?
This is the question that Gaia asks when she arrives to this foreign world. After so much work her son persuaded her to take a long vacation in Equestria, saying that she needed one and assuring her that he would be in charge now, and she must take a break. But what can a several billion-year old alicorn possibly do to pass her time in this land?

(SimEarth/MLP Crossover)
(Timelife of Gaia's life 'till the start of the story)

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A human finds himself in Equestria under very unpleasant circumstances with no explanation.
His reaction: get the heck out of Dodge and start a new life where Equestria and her ponies can't reach him.
But an alicorn's reach is long and the events which brought him here and his treatment in Canterlot are not so easily forgotten by those who did it. How does one say 'go away' to an immortal goddess?

Yay! Featured, thank you all.
A TV Tropes page
Revised 08/31/14 for clarity and grammatical issues, no events changed. I am working on a sequel, but it will be from Fancy's POV.
P.S. Green is NOT Lyra. There are other green unicorns.

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"I've seen enough isekai to know where this is going."

Okay, sure. It's another 'human gets thrown into Equestria as an existing character' story. Still, that doesn't mean 'Chrysalis' has any idea what to do. She doesn't remember everything from her past life, but she is pretty sure she was once a human from Earth.

She wakes up to see Starlight Glimmer, the one who lead the small team to destroy her throne, holding out a hoof. The unicorn is offering a chance for Chrysalis to lead the changelings properly. Logically, she should take that offer. The future of not accepting friendship yields an end written in stone.

But there's always a choice.
The idea of what would happen if Chrysalis hadn't been so gung-ho on revenge at the end of the Season 6 finale wouldn't leave me alone. In real life, I don't deal in what-ifs. In fiction, I'm a bit more open to the prospect.
Quick warning: There is an attempt at suicide and bodily harm in the first chapter. Just thought I'd point that out so you'd be prepared.

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Drone 319, Queen Chrysalis's top spy in Ponyville, finds himself hovering over Ciderfest tied to a balloon. Why? He doesn't know. When asked what he's doing, he says the first thing that comes to mind to keep his cover.

"I'm a Zeppelin."

Picture art https://derpibooru.org/301934

[Featured 11/11-17/2016 :yay:]

(Now with audio reading https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqaOKuSnH1I&feature=youtu.be)

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