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When a confrontation with a new magical enemy goes horribly wrong, Twilight and Rarity find themselves trapped under rubble and dirt and twisted metal together. There is no light, no more air, and perhaps also no hope of rescue.

This story is part of the First and Only Raritwi Bomb. A week's worth of stories and art all centered around Rarity and Twilight. If you liked it, the previous story posted is [CW, rated M!] https://www.fimfiction.net/story/450701/city-of-lights, and you can find a master list of all Raritwi Bomb content here, https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/873741/the-raritwi-bomb-masterpost.

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Midnight Oil might not be the most well-known investigator in Canterlot. She might not have the longest list of solved cases, or the best contacts with the authorities. What she does have are guts, and the street-smarts that come from a life in the underworld. But when her abilities are challenged by her biggest case yet, Equestria's ancient capital might not survive the terror of strange alchemy!

Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

This story was written as a commission for FZ6pilot, who created Midnight Oil and inspired the general premise. It will be told in a series of episodes, the first of which will update each Thursday until complete.

Chapters (4)

Luna's homecoming tour has taken her to every major city in Equestria. Every city but one. Lunangrad, the frozen sentinel of Equestria's forbidding north, and Luna's ancient sacred center.

Twilight, along for the ride, finds herself drawn inwards towards some horrible secret as the world she knows trembles before some great revelation. The Pilgrimage has begun.

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:heart:Bookish Delight 50th Story Special:heart:

Mere weeks ago, Juniper Montage was a spiteful girl, a thief, and even—for a short time—a magical menace. However, Starlight Glimmer and the Rainbooms managed to reach her, and extend the hands of forgiveness and friendship. Juniper has been grateful for the second chance ever since, and eager to show that she can be a good friend herself.

While touring Canterlot High School with Twilight Sparkle, she comes across two girls in dire cinematic straits. Juniper knows she can help, so she decides to step in. However, in the midst of her attempt, her past—all of her past—returns to haunt her, and her self-esteem pays the price.

Now Juniper must discover for herself what it truly means to be a friend, while also fighting an angry, fearful voice in the back of her mind that continues to insist that she's not worth anyone's friendship... and keeps getting louder.

A follow-up to 2017's Tales of Canterlot High special.

Part of the Montage Cinematic Universe.

Cover and Closing Art by Gabbslines (dA | tumblr).

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to Six Characters in Search of a Point

Rarity, formerly an artistic and well spoken pony of high class, is currently a medicated mush on her fainting couch. Twilight Sparkle pays her a visit to make sure she's alright.

It gets weird.

Chapters (1)

Twilight goes downstairs for a midnight snack during a bout of insomnia and steps right over the edge of her own accepted reality into something inexplicable.

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Celestia famously believes in redemption and rehabilitation. Only the vilest, cruelest offenders find permanent homes in her prisons. Only those lost and damned, and a singular mare kept captive in relative comfort in a high tower of the palace. Her cell is well furnished, and food is brought to her from the royal kitchens from which Celestia herself dines. Among those privileged few in her lady's service, the mare in the high tower is a curious ghost story. What awful crimes must she have committed? What could she do? What but the power to slay gods could keep one small mare in the quadruple sealed apartments they call Death's Vault?

Commissioned by SPark.

Chapters (1)

The great evils of the world have clashed with the champions of all that was good and in true dialectical fashion, exhausted each other. The world Rainbow Dash and her wife Applejack live in now is the World After, one full of uncertainties and difficult questions.

Rainbow Dash doesn't care about any of that. She has a mission, and she intends to finish it, come hell or high water...

Or her spouse.

Art by Britishstarr

Chapters (6)

An accident occurs, leaving two ponies trapped in a room with nothing to do but wait in an eternal field of stars.

Chapters (1)

The problem with chasing dreams is that they rarely survive the catching.

Rarity and Rainbow Dash have each followed their dreams to the end. Rainbow doesn't know how to keep going.

A slice of life for a very particular kind of person.

Chapters (1)
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