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"Pulling a Mordecai" (verb) - The act of never making a move, while at the same time, not knowing what to do with your hands.

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After chasing after Rarity for so long without his affection being returned, Spike gives up. But when new feelings surface for a certain librarian, it's up to Spike to discover just what those feelings are and how to deal with them. But to do so, he may have to have some help from his friends. That's what friends are for...right?

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Fed up with being the bridesmaid but never the bride, Spitfire confronts Soarin about his lack of proposals.

Cover by ZantyARZ on DeviantArt.

This story is dedicated to my fiancé, Beth.

You bring out the best in me, and holding on to that thought, I sincerely believe that just by being with you shall bring out the best life I could ever live.

Thank you so much for choosing me! Love you lots!

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This story is a sequel to The Costume Problem

Twilight has decided she wants to move in with Sunset but as she gets ready to move out she gets worried about the huge change she’s about to have from living with her parents to living with her girlfriend. It’ll be up to some help from Cadance and Sunset to remind her that even though changes are hard it’s all part of life and that she’ll always have help when needed and that what she’s doing is going to make her feel very happy in the end.

Cover art by Aspottedlions 

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Discord is wanting to settle down with Fluttershy and stay with her full time, but as the god of Chaos he'll cease to be if he acts to normal and it becomes clear that no normal creature can stand chaos 24/7 and he seeks a replacement, he ends up landing on Spike for the job.
Spike is missing all the time he and Twilight use to spend together, even if it was mostly work, and ends up using his powers so he can earn her respect as an equal instead of being seen as a lowly assistant.
While planning his first move he ends up enlisting the Cutie Mark Crusaders aid so none of the other mane 6 feel left out of the fun.
Featured (Apparently) - 8,28,21
- This Story takes place after Season 8 but before Season 9 -

This Story was Inspired by Kaliann25 Story Spike lord of Disharmony and Chaos and it's Sequel I recommend them both Highly

Cover art by : Little Tigress

Chapters (13)

Join Spike Cynder as he starts high school in a new city. At Canterlot high he'll make friends, rivals, and have all sort of fun and adventures with seven new friends.

*Takes Place in an Alternate version of the Equestria Girls setting*

*Twilight has no pet dog named Spike*

*Rainbooms don't have magical powers*

*No rogue Equestrian Magic or banished magical beings*

Chapters (2)

Ocellus is teaching Smolder her Hearth’s Warming traditions but Smolder doesn’t remember anything like them in Ponyville. “Snuggle a friend?” “Holdhooves together?” Now this mistletoe tradition is suspect too. What is really going on?

A Hearth’s Warming gift for Queen Chryssy based off the prompt “Changeling Traditions.”

Part of the Reviewers Mansion Christmas exchange.

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Ever since Smolder revealed her affinity for the fashionable and cute to Ocellus, they've had secret tea parties where Smolder gets to indulge her interests and Ocellus gets to feel trusted. Symbiosis in action!

At their special Hearth's Warming secret tea, Ocellus notices that Smolder is acting strangely. She has no idea how deep the problem goes.

Written for Level Dasher for Jinglemas 2021

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Preparing for Hearth's Warming on the farm, Applejack is distracted as she waits for her marefriend to return from Wonderbolts training. What she doesn't know is that Rainbow Dash is bringing news along with her. Will the news be good or bad this year? And how will it affect the two mares moving forward?

Warnings: My annual E rated Jinglemas story. This one's clean, folks.

Written for MistyShadowz for Jinglemas 2021

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When Princess Twilight Sparkle and early-teen Spike move back to Canterlot, she suggests he consider living with her parents again. His foster family is enthusiastic, but the visit to his old home rekindles long-buried emotions in the little dragon.

Ever since he was a hatchling, an important question has burned within his belly. Now he's finally brave enough to ask.

Written for the 2021 Jinglemas event as a gift for Jake The Army Guy.

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Sunset and Twilight spend their first Christmas together - and Sunset wonders why her girlfriend looks so frazzled.

Written for rpglover for Jinglemas 2021

Prompt: "I would like a (Sci?) Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer (Romance if they could, but no pressure"

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