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Diamond Tiara has always considered Silver Spoon her best friend, yet she's questioned that lately - sure, they still do all the things they've normally done, from going out for ice cream to studying for class, although something feels different. Having grappled with strange new feelings for weeks on end, she finally decides to ask the one young mare she trusts most about the matter...

Artwork by Mcsadat

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This story is a sequel to Magical Curiosity

After a serious magic mishap with the portal, the dimension of Sunset Shimmer and her friends has been rocked to its very core with everyone suddenly a pony, a zebra, a griffon, or some other magical creature from magical Equestria.

Not to mention that this reality's gone magical as well, if the sun revolving around the Earth did not make that obvious enough.

With this irreversible change, everyone's stumbling along in the quest to regain a semblance of normal life, but how can they do that in strange bodies and with strange magic? How will they tackle all the old with all the new?

Find out in this not-so-chronological collection of short stories exploring the day-to-day journey this world's taking.

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For Sunset Shimmer, letting a group of impressionable high school students in the know about another dimension where magic reigns and talking ponies are the norm is not the easiest thing to handle. It does not help that the portal to this dimension is right in front of the school.

Sooner or later, though, she has to deal with more than mere questions about Equestria. Twilight becomes curious enough that words won't cut it for her anymore. She wants to see this dimension for herself.

So, Sunset begins by offering to bring her camera through the portal to take pictures and videos of her next trip there in Equestria.

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Baked Bean is but one of the thousands of tourists in Canterlot, and he's looking for some inspiration to help launch his writing career. To this end, he pays a visit to the Royal Gardens, but while there he quickly and quite accidentally invokes a long-forgotten law that will completely upend his life and thrust him into the spotlight...

As Celestia's husband.

And all this because of noses.

As seen on Equestria Daily!

Cover art graciously provided by the Right Most Awesome Backlash91!
Original cover art provided the Right Most Awesome Sipioc!

Proofreading and prereading services provided by Georg, Sipioc, and Moon Fire!

Fan Art for this story can be found right here!

Now with a most worthy review by Cyonix!

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This story is a sequel to Principal Noses and Ancient Roses

Baked Bean, fresh off his victory over the sirens at Canterlot High, is now eagerly preparing for the arrival of his first child with his beloved Princess Celestia while still attempting to perform his royal duties.

But old foes still lurk in the shadows, and Celestia's pregnancy may offer a few unique challenges as well. It will take everything Baked Bean can give to endure the coming storm...

Or maybe he just needs to provide Celestia with a deep-fried pickle covered in chocolate sauce and smothered in sauerkraut.

Zen and Ponies

Cover Art:
Bean In the Oven by Sipioc

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This story is a sequel to This Nose Knows

It is recommended you read No Nose Knows and This Nose Knows first, so you know what's going on.

Baked Bean - the slightly broken husband to Princess Celestia - finds he must answer the call to assist Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms when an ancient foe resurfaces at Canterlot High.

Once there, however, he finds another Bean who needs help courting a Principal who is very similar to his own Princess ...

Edited by Spartanpony007, Sipioc, Georg, and Zen and Ponies.

Cover art provided by Sipioc.

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This story is a sequel to No Nose Knows

It is recommended you read No Nose Knows first but it's not absolutely required.

Baked Bean was just a regular citizen of Equestria until one fateful day when he accidentally booped Princess Celestia's nose with his own and then found he was forced to marry her to fulfil the terms of an ancient law. Miraculously, Love has blossomed between the princess and the pauper, and the new Prince of Equestria is now looking forward to taking his place at the side of the Princess of the Sun.

But Baked Bean is still very much a novice in the realms of government and nobility, and he's in for quite the crash course between old foes, snobby ministers, and his own shortcomings...

But at least Luna tolerates him now.

As seen on Equestria Daily!

Proofread and Preread once again by Georg, Moon Fire, Zen and Ponies, and Sipioc!

And with much thanks to You-Know-Who for the cover art!

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Discord has one friend. One. A single tie binding him to Equestria, a lone strand of pink tail hair keeping him in some sort of line. His interest in the world's welfare may exactly equal that of his friend's lifespan -- unless there's a next generation for him to adore. And so in the name of the realm's survival, Fluttershy is going to start dating, with Equestria's greatest expert in attracting ponies as her very reluctant prison-sentenced advisor. All Fleur has to do if she ever wants to come home again is get the world's most socially hesitant pony happily married off and pregnant, while constantly keeping Discord in the dark about what's truly happening.

What could possibly go wrong?

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A few days after ascending to Alicornhood, Twilight Sparkle is experimenting with Magic, as she is wont to do. She found a lovely new spell in Luna's old quarters in the Castle of the Two Pony Sisters that she's just dying to try. She should've read the fine print.

Featured 6/22/2020. Thank you all so much!
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The Text, an odd and capricious being that only talks by printing words into your mind, seems to quite enjoy teleporting people with no preparation into Equestria and seeing what they do. Most get some help almost immediately after reaching there, or get into problems with the denizens, but what happens when one person brings their own problem with them? Surely magic, or perhaps friendship, is the answer!

This takes place in the SilverVerse and like David's works is a self-insertion fanfic. Read on!
You don't have to, but you may want to read his stories for another (the original) perspective on this particular little idea. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/245393/clueless-in-equestria

Additionally, I have begun filling in some more of the 'not teen rated' scenes that in this were a 'fade to black', you can find them over here but be warned, this is Mature rated. You have been warned.

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