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A suicide right by the school of friendship.
Why would someone do that when there was help so close?
Twilight can't let this go as just a tragic incident. There has to be a reason.
I just added some detail and fixed a couple small problems. The story itself is unchanged.

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This story is a sequel to Danganronpa vP: Harmony of Despair

A few years after Twilight's coronation, Starlight Glimmer decides to take a well-earned vacation from running the School of Friendship. She uses the Crystal Mirror to travel to the human version of Equestria and surprises her friend Sunset Shimmer with a visit.

However, her vacation is quickly and rudely interrupted. Starlight soon finds herself stranded in a remote mountain valley with Sunset and fourteen other humans, with no memory of how they got there. A strange black and white bear appears to tell them that this is now their new, permanent home; the only way to leave is to kill someone and get away with it in a trial.

With only her wits and a fraction of her usual magical capabilities available to her, Starlight vows to do whatever it takes to get herself, Sunset and the others to safety. Nopony- er, nobody's going to die on her watch! But the Mastermind has their own devious plans...

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Called to Equestria and bound into service to a warlock, the demoness HellCaller fully expected to be banished (or return home on her own) once the local heroes defeated her summoner. Imagine her surprise when neither happens.

Now trapped in the Land of Harmony, what is a half-breed demon to do?

Featured on 12/27/20, thanks everyone! :pinkiehappy:

A crossover between a more sword and sorcery style MLP and the Pathfinder setting.

Proofreading by Squeakerspeaker. Cover art courtesy of Ambris and used with permission.

Chapters (16)

(This is an old story I wrote three years ago during season 1)

Twilight Sparkle's birthday has come around, and Rainbow Dash is unimpressed with Rarity's present. When Applejack pokes a bit of fun with her friend, Rarity becomes unusually upset. Twilight Sparkle investigates her friend's feeling, learning something she never expected about her friend and why she is truly suited to be the element of Generosity.

Spanish translation: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Simply-Rarity-Spanish-translation-846034960

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This is the story of 4 friends who end up as the four animatronics in the alleyway in the FNAF pizzeria simulator. This story was inspired by the tweet I found about that there might be a new FNAF movie coming out in 2020 and it was also inspired by my friend fnafdragon.


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Whether they are supermen with incredible strength and speed or alicorn princesses with the power of magic, they fight a never ending battle to uphold truth, justice and friendship. They are the pillars of the world, keeping it safe when all else fails.

But what if those six pillars are reduced to one? Can a single hero hold up the weight of the world? That is what the new ruler of Equestria Twilight is trying to figure out when a superhero enters her life. Strong, fast, impossibly white teeth, the hero All Might is the lone pillar that holds up his world. And perhaps this hero can show her how to be that lone pillar.

Or perhaps she will show him why one pillar cannot stand alone.

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Y'know, I was once an average guy. A completely normal male human being. Sure I had my oddities but who doesn't, right? Then I woke up in Equestria after one too many shots of whiskey at 3AM whilst watching some random ass anime.

Now that in itself sounds fucking weird but that's not even the full story. Somehow good old reliable purple smart managed to not only change my species and my gender but also my age. Now I'm stuck with a lavender coated princess who has become my 'caretaker' and I'm being forced to go to school!

I still can't believe this isn't some crazy drug trip. Well, whatever - if this is a drug trip then I'm gonna make sure this will be the best drug trip of my life. So take a look into my new personal life and prepare to see the horrors that I'll bring to this hippy horse land.

[Sex Tag for references and innuendos - there will be no clop.]

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This story is a sequel to Unpleasant Correspondence

Everything has come full circle and now it is Twilight who sends her protege to Ponyville. Needless to say, Luster isn't one bit happy about it. To make matters worse, Starlight's protege is made Vice-head mare of the School of Friendship and that only makes Luster angrier. Some of the story chapters will be much more adult themed.

Warning: Story includes incredibly crude language and adult themes that may be offensive to some....you've been warned!

Chapters (110)

After sending Twilight to Ponyville, Princess Celestia demands letters from her but when Twilight starts to complain, Celestia becomes unhappy and replies to her letters in her own way. Some chapters will be done in live action because some events need to be seen instead of simply written about after the event.

Chapters (313)

When an accident occurs while Rainbow Dash is playing a game, the Main 7 find themselves in the world of Urbz: Sims in the City -As half-ponies!-. Will they adapt to the city life of Miniopolis and overcome the challenges ahead? Will they stop the danger to the city itself? Will they be able to spread friendship across the city?

Maybe all three?

Crossover with Urbz: Sims in the City (Handheld).
Tags will be added as necessary.
Kinks: Nothing above softcore. Possible food porn and some terrible puns, but that's about it.

Chapters (11)