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When Twilight fulfills her destiny and ascends to the throne of Canterlot, everything goes black. Turns out her life is a game, and she won. Now follow Twilight Sparkle as she experiences the shiny appeal of New Game+.

4/16: It was only approved yesterday, and already this story is featured and hot? You guys are the best!

4/17: Second day and still featured! Moved to the top featured spot too! Awesome!

4/18: Still in the top spot? I think people like my story.

4/19: Left the top spot but still featured. It feels amazing to feel so appreciated!

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Spike decided to pack his things and disappear completely to get a fresh start on life, under the name of Jack Drake. When his past comes back to haunt him, will he be able to keep up the facade? He makes his own business as a private investigator. When the Mane 6 hire him, what's his case? Why did they come to him of all people?

(Credit for the cover image goes to Pia-Sama)
(Featured on 1/10/2019 at 2:30 am)
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Chrysalis has heard rumors of a crystal mirror having the power to take ponies to other worlds, where they gain powers that put them on par with the likes of Princess Celestia or even the Spirit of Disharmony himself. She wishes to use the mirror for her own ends, so she can gain the power to finally have her revenge on the ponies that have taken everything from her and maybe regain her empire in the process. The world she finds, however, is the dark interior of a ship that is being overrun by dead creatures that will stop at nothing to kill her and the repair crew that came to fix the ship.

She must quickly get used to her new body while fighting the hordes of the dead, come to terms with all of the horrible decisions she has made over the years, and maybe see the light that the ponies talk about... provided that she, and her new companions, don't get killed first.

(Dead Space/ MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

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"Uh... attention, all personnel. There seems to be a problem with the SCIP Network. No Foundation computer at this site seems to be able to access the Control Systems, and that includes the Door Control System. We fear we might have been hacked by a Splinter Group, or a massive system glitch has occurred. Whatever the case, we are initiating a site-wide Class A1 Lockdown out of precaution, until control can be remotely restored. We will update everyone shortly."

This was never supposed to happen.

"Attention, all personnel! The Door Control System is being accessed remotely from an unknown source. An immediate Class B3 Lockdown has been initiated per direct order of O5-█! We advise all personnel to seek out a safe space, or prepare for an evacuation."

Why? Why did she have to do this? She- she was curious, fascinated with it. So enamored with the possibilities she didn't even begin to consider the potential dangers. And now look where she is.

"Attention, all personnel! Somebody is opening up the containment chambers! This site is now experiencing multiple Keter and Euclid Class Containment Breaches, and we advise all remaining personnel of Class-C or higher to enter to your nearest evacuation shelter immediately! Full-site lockdown initiated!"

Stuck. In a room, with a horrifying abomination, something so terrifying she couldn't even begin to comprehend had she not seen it first hoof, outside the door, ready to devour her. Smashing it's huge body into the door in an attempt to break it down. Snarling. Growling. Waiting for it to give way.

"We've dispatched several MTF Task Forces, including Epsilon-11, to this facility for immediate re-containment purposes. We advise all personnel to remain in your evacuation shelter and to ignore any and all personnel attempting entry unless verified to be both human and at least Class-C. We can't take any risks in a breach of this magnitude. The following SCPs are confirmed out of containment: SCP-002, SCP-005, SCP-008, SCP-009, SCP-016, SCP-017, SCP-019, SCP- wait, what is- OH MY GOD!"

And now she was going to die.

"...You... disgusting, RETCHED creatures... you... you think I am secured here... you think... I can be contained. That... you... are... protected. That you... are in control. That any of these... ABOMINATIONS... can be... locked away. That you can win."

And now they were all going to die.

"You... are gravely mistaken..."

And it was all her fault.

Crossover with the SCP Foundation Mythos.

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This was it, it was Anon's last day that he was allowed to live with Twilight rent-free. She had gotten sick of him lounging about the library eating all the food and complaining.

He had already tried to move in with the other girls of the mane six, but he quickly decided not to when he remembered all of their own quirks.

Finally giving in Anon decides to get a job, he becomes the Ponyville therapist.

Rated T for cursing and sexual/mature references (no clop).

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I remember the time when I had to worry about high school classes. I remember the time when I worried about my future family, job, and finances. After that fateful day when I passed out as a sixteen year old boy. In high school class and woke in a little fillies room with a dark voice in my head. I've had nothing but worry about whether or not that dark voice would take me over and begin her campaign of terror. I am pinkamena Diane Pie and this is my story.
(AN/ I am a beginner I never did a story before but I could not ignore this opportunity. constructive criticism is welcome. editor wanted and welcome

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Blaze Kindling. A colt with a tragic past has been giving powers that rival even Celestia. Unfortunately, the one who gives him said powers is someone, or something ancient and power hungry. When Blaze gets angry, passer by beware, as he becomes a monster of unimaginable proportions with the entire element of fire at his disposal. But in the shadows of the beast, another threat lurks. A great evil surrounds Equestria, with the intention of world domination. Armageddon looms over like an ominous shadow, and now, a world of peace and friendship becomes something... nightmarish.

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Isolation can do a lot to a person's sanity, but what if the person is already insane when she is put in isolation by being turned to stone. After getting transported to a world full of colorful creatures, Jinx may finally change into good or worst. After her usual behavior being shown she was closed in a prison of stone long before Celestia was born, then she was forgotten. While being trapped in her prison she quickly found her worst nightmare, to be forgotten. And she will never be forgotten again. That's her only wish.

P.S. I do not own anything related to League of Legends or MLP. And can I get a rating and a comment to see if you like it or not.

Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that I'm new to the site and I would appreciate support from you guys! I have to say that my work is not the best, and it's way harder than it looks. If you're wondering, yes I have an editor but he's busy and sometimes forgets to edit it, also English in not my native language, so if you find some mistakes, and I'm sure you will, please point them out. And one last thing to say, I don't have that much free time so the chapters are not going to appear often.

One more thing is the chapters with (Edited) are the ones who are edited of mistakes.

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