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Crystal, a changeling that's rather unique in appearance, is discovered in a mine shaft very close to the Crystal City. After making a rather unorthodox and upsetting introduction, she begins her tale of how she arrived...

Set in Sylvian's and Witching Hours Roan era, which is a part of the Expanded Wonderverse. The story itself takes place during that time, while the introduction and small scenes take place in the current day, a few years after Calm Winds Piercing the Heavens.

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to Chase the Wind

Monkey Wrench hasn't gone back to Cloudsdale in months, not seeing her parents and four older siblings since her accident more than 10 months ago...

Cinna's family only has four ponies to it, since her father's been disowned by his parents...

Squad Zero is new in town and they don't really have anyone to spend the holiday with beyond each other...

So Witching Hour takes it into her own hooves, with the help of Fancy Pants and Fleur, to make sure this year's holiday gives them something special, even if it's just somewhere to be with other Hearth's Warming Orphans like themselves.

Set approximately 2 months before the start of Calm Wind's Piercing the Heavens.

Chapters (7)

Ever wonder what goes on in a drake empire changeling hive before and after its crushed into dust thanks to the madness of a jealous prince who cant take being beat by a changeling well? That is a good question, and the changelings will be happy to tell you in a collection of short stories!

Also included will be how my various changelings become scattered around the world of Equestria!

Cover art drawn up by my go to artist: Foxenawolf

Chapters (13)

Blue Jay, a Pegasus fan of the Wonderbolts, attends a show in Vanhoover and is amazed by it! Then, as if the day couldn't get any better, by a twist of fate she gets the chance to not only meet the Wonderbolts, but also have dinner with them!"

Set in Calm Wind's Wonderverse
Specifically, it takes place after chapter 10 of "Flying Sky High," I strongly suggest that you read that one before this.

Thanks to Witching Hour, Sylvian, and Zoljen for their advice and help with this.

Chapters (3)

Takes place directly after Chapter 3 of my "A Different Breed of Changeling" Story.

Talon wasn't the only survivor of the Drakes' destruction of the Hive... But he was the only one to get a free ride to Canterlot - Ember must travel to Equestria on her own, with nothing but a few skills to make her way...

Chapters (29)

This story is a sequel to Steady as She Flies

Accepting Captain Spitfire's invitation, Monkey Wrench returns to the Wonderbolts Flight Academy, where she runs into Witching Hour's younger brother, Leaf Wind, again and meets Midnight Storm and Starry Sky.

Grouped together, the young pegasi are told the Wonderbolts' true purpose and put through two weeks of immersion into their routine. Will they fall short of expectations as returning Academy cadets? Or will they rise to the challenge and touch the sky?

Meanwhile, in Ponyville, Trick Step makes new friends and generally has a rollicking good time.

This story takes place at the same time as Chase the Wind.

Chapters (8)

Squad Six is an Upper-Tier Elite Squadron of the Wonderbolts. Its members are an odd bunch at best, and at worst like bickering siblings. They are above else loyal to each other and to their fellow Wonderbolts. However, tragedy looms on the horizon for one of them, the ultimate sacrifice that can ever be asked for any of the Mares and Stallions who wear the spandex.

Based in the Wonderverse created by Calm Winds and set in the days leading up to, and during, the second battle against the Shadowbolts.

Cover Art by Penumbra/Bonnama

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Steady as She Flies

After hitting a block in her research into her bracelets and the Equusese Empire, Witching Hour turns to her new friend, Princess Twilight Sparkle, for help. Witching Hour and Twilight discover new truths about the empire lost to time and about themselves and the ponies dearest to them.

Twilight and Witching Hour will chase the wind to find their answers, letting it carry them away from Ponyville's Golden Oak Library and to the most unlikely places... But will they be able to handle the tragic truth?

This story takes place at the same time as Touch the Sky.

Chapters (8)

A class trip by Graceful Learning's class of school foals to the Canterlot Castle has not been very interesting. Educational, yes, but very boring. That changes when they visit the Royal Library, and the foals run into Princess Luna, who asks the young foals if they'd like to hear her favorite story.

Written as a one-shot, side piece in Calm Wind's Wonderverse.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Nighttime Prayers

When Monkey Wrench lost the use of her wings in a weather factory accident, she thought her life as a pegasus was over; not if Witching Hour, an up and coming unicorn with an unusual healing talent, has anything to say about it!

Chapters (7)