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I'm just rookie in Fanfiction writing for the show MLP:FIM so any advice can be helpful.

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Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are loved by all citizens across Equestria. It is common knowledge that they are both over one thousand years old. However, no one really knows where they came from, or how they came to be. When the princess of the night notices a strange star in the night sky, all that starts to change.

With Equestria under threat from a powerful new enemy, Princess Celestia calls upon four warriors from an alternate universe; four warriors with a special talent. They are descendants of our world's First Civilization. When they arrive in Equestria, Twilight Sparkle soon finds out that they are not so different from the princesses after all.

Rated T for language and violence.

NOTE: This story will contain spoilers for the games: Assassin's Creed II, Uncharted 2 and 3, Red Dead Redemption, and inFAMOUS 2, as well as the short film Assassin's Creed Embers. Read at your own discretion.

MLP © Hasbro
Assassin's Creed © Ubisoft Entertainment
Red Dead Redemption © Rockstar Games
inFAMOUS © Sucker Punch Productions
Uncharted © Naughty Dog, Inc

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This story is a sequel to A Hairy Problem

NOTE: It is highly recommended you read the prequel first before reading this one.

It's been months since Applejack was cured and things returned to normal. Sure, there was the whole deal about swapped cutie marks, then Twilight becoming a princess, and then something about a magic mirror and Spike getting his species demoted to "dog" temporarily, but otherwise it's business as usual.

Or at least it had been until Apple Bloom begins to act much more aggressively towards Diamond Tiara than she used to, much like Applejack did towards Sandalwood initially. Except, Apple Bloom can't be turning into a werewolf, they're all gone now. Right?

Then again, King Sombra was supposedly gone, too.

Sequel: Seven Days in Sunny June

Now has a TV Tropes Page!

Chapters (34)

Lycan RD belongs to Muffinsforever. I do not own anything except this fic.

What do you do when you get bitten by a potentially dangerous animal?

Simple. Do what Rainbow Dash did.

Disregard medical attention and turn into a Lycan.

Special thanks to my proofreader, Moldyshishkabob

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Warning: cute story with singular dark chapter.
Idea provided by Arcum42. Set in between Season 2 and 3. Apparently really cute, but still too dark to not come with a warning. Comedy tag added for comedic dialogues, situations are slightly more on the comedy side than SoL. Tagging's confusing for this one, so tread carefully.

Trigger warning: mind control, alcohol use by minors, mental abuse, mostly concentrated in one chapter.

Octavia is a mare of refinement, calm, and organisation. She enjoys Ponyville life with Vinyl Scratch, and Vinyl's niece, Scootaloo. She sets boundaries, rules and safety measures that ensure all that creative energy is not spent on self-destructive behaviour, and so far her overly energetic housemate has followed these rules to the letter. Oh, and Scootaloo listens most of the time, too.

So when it is decided the next sleepover will be at Scootaloo's place, Octavia is keen to prove she can succeed where other adults have failed, namely to have a night with the Cutie Mark Crusaders and not have her sanity driven to its breaking point or any pieces of furniture broken beyond repair.

This can only end well.

If you like this story, you might want to check out this blog, too, for two stories I got involved in.

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Griffins have brought and allied with the Locust against Equestria. The Royal Guard and the Mane 6 must depend on the revived Dominic and his squad of revived Gears to help turn the tides of the war. I own only my OC's

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Scootaloo's life hasn't been the easiest. Being orphaned at a young age and brought up in the foster system came with its own set of challenges, not the least of which was a lack of older pegasi around to teach her how to fly. Fortunately, Rainbow Dash can help with that. With her honorary big sister taking a more active role in her life, Scootaloo learns much more about herself than just how to fly.

A story about love, family, and growing up.

Editing by Formerly Committed and Shellsh0cker.

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After Scootaloo finds out she likes fillies instead of colts she thinks she is a freak. Everyone is out to prove her otherwise though...

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When Twilight comes back from her week long visit to her brother's house, she finds out that everything has changed. Canterlot High is babbling about some magic girl from another world, but Twilight knows better. There's no such thing as magic, or portals into other worlds.


EDIT: Wow. Never expected the feature. And by the way, thank you for anyone who commented with a consructive criticism. I'll be reading as many as I can and keeping them all in mind for the future chapters as well as going back to edit the past ones periodically. Enjoy the story!

EDIT 2: Went into the first chapter and tried to fix up the 'Twilight did X' issue that many people commented on. (Thank you to those who did.) Hopefully it is a bit more readable now.

EDIT 3: After fan feedback on a massive error I made where Princess Cadence was an out of control lunatic, I rewrote the Twilight meets Twilight scene so that it flows better and actually stays in character. Thank you for anyone who made a comment about this, I am listening to your feedback and writing my future chapters accordingly. (If there are any more of these, I'm going to keep these in a changelog in a blog post.)

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In Equestria, everypony views heroes as stories for fillies and not to be taken seriously. However, in another reality, heroes do exist. When a dimensional transport portal goes awry, a certain vigilante finds himself in a colorful land full of ponies. And he isn't happy. Will Batman have to fight his way out of Equestria? Or can even the most dark hearts find peace?

Batman will be based off the arkham city batman universe with a few villians thrown in.
other heroes will be mentioned or have a minor role.


Please comment and/or critque

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Some time after Emily is firmly on the throne, Corvo is contacted by the Outsider once more... And sent on a mission to save a reality...
Of talking ponies?!
But was he the only one sent to Equestria?

I found the cover image on the Internet, I claim no ownership of the image or of the Dishonored or MLP franchises.
Image by vicious-mongrel on Deviantart
Contains strong language
Rated Teen due to adult language and adult boo-boos

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