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***Currently In Final Edits! This Tag Will Be Removed Once Completely Finished!***

Scootaloo isn't what she thinks she is. She was never what she though she was. And it all began on her tenth birthday. Bat wings, hunger, and pain is all that this filly knows now. And what does Rainbow Dash and Princess Celestia have to do with this?

Chapters (27)

Spitfire has a secret she's told to nopony she knows, terrified of the prospect what they'll do when they figure it out. So what will she do when the rookie accidentally finds out?

Sex: Suggestive implication only.

Cover image by: Valiantstar00

Chapters (15)

Spitfire has taken time to show Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust around after graduating at Wonderbolt Academy. When she has them try something new she brewed up, something happens none of them saw coming.

Warining: diapers, age regression and cuteness involved along with some comedy. Do not read if your heart is not strong enough to take it. Please read and give me positive comments and constructive criticism as always. Hope you enjoy the story.

A special thanks to ShadowBlades for the image to this story. Another special thanks to Maroonlover for editing my story.

Chapters (7)

We all know the story: Sunset Shimmer strove to gain power in Equestria, going so far as to act aggressive towards Princess Celestia herself before she wound up diving through the portal into the human world. But was that the complete story, or did Sunset keep some details hidden from her friends that Twilight only recently discovered?

Why, despite her nerves, does she want so much to see her old mentor again? Why did she still watch the sunset even though she said she hated her former mentor? And what is that tune that Celestia sings....

Like Rarity's Mane, this is simply just something short and sweet that I had gotten into my head a week ago, and just had to express in words rather than images. I hope this gives you all at least some enjoyment.

Chapters (1)

When Scootaloo crashes into twilight during a magic experiment they get teleported to an unknown city that's burning and has weird creatures scattered in the streets. As the two separated stranded ponies roam around the city separately trying to figure out where they ended up, will they try to make it home as fast as possible or will they stay to help a species that's being systematically eradicated?

I'll try to upload chapters whenever I finish them. :twilightsmile:

Cover art by myself

23-12-18: I got featured!:rainbowderp:
2 - 1 - 19: Again :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: This entire thing is going to be edited and partially re-written somewhere in the future.

Chapters (28)

After an acident at a Concert, I wake up in Equestria with all my memories intact. Trying to create a new life will be a challange I have to face, but it proves to be difficult in a society that is the complete opposite to what I am used to. Will I manage to find my place here in my new home or will it just end in another failure?

This story is named after the song that gave me the courage to finally start posting here.

Sex Tag is only for implied sex in the later chapters.

Edit 02.06.2020: Changed rating from E to T for the fool language, what I plan to do, and for implied sex in the later chapters.

Cover by the amazing Mix-up, check out his DA here.

Big thanks go to rikithemonk for his help with editing this story until the Interluder VI. Ch. 33, 34, and 37 are edited by Luckyfanisaac. Also many thanks go to Javarod who joined the team as a proofreader.

From now on, you find out who helped with what in the AN of each Chapter.

Featured on 21.12.2020, Thank you guys for all of your support, otherwise this wouldn't have been possible. :twilightsmile:

Chapters (45)

After being defeated by the Elements of Harmony, Discord escapes to a new world to try and cause more havoc. Now the Mane 6 must go on a journey that will make them discover more than they wanted to realize.

Crossover between Friendship is Magic and Transformers: Prime.

Chapters (21)

Cover art from HERE

Edit 14/3/2019: Had to remove the Drama tag because I wasn't allowed to save edits to the description due to too many tags due to the new rules.

I was enjoying a quiet day at work, when I suddenly find myself in what I can only describe as what a person high on drugs would see, before a blinding rainbow light slams into me and knocks me unconscious.

Upon awakening, I find something very off, not only about my surroundings, but myself. For one, I seem to have become a small horse and a female one at that.

I also seem to be in a forest of some kind. Hang on. Is this the Everfree?

Oh, great. What do i do now?

Well, having powers on par with a Chaos Lord certainly might come in handy. Let's see what i can do with them, shall we?

Sex tag for sexual references and teen for teen reasons, plus a lot crass swearing.

And, just be warned, that random tag is serious. Random shit will happen in this fic, so be wary of that when entering and DO NOT expect anything to just be normal at any point.

In Popular Stories 31/12/2015. What a way to end the year!

Featured 24/7/2016. Okay. Honest to God did not see that coming.

Featured again 31/7/2016. Wait. What?

Featured 5/8/2016. Someone's pulling my leg here, right?

Featured again 26/8/2016. No. Wait. WHAT?

Despite everything, got Featured 16/2/2017. Just hope the next update does this justice

In Featured 2/07/2017. Um... How? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad, but... how?!

Seriously? Featured 23/7/2017?

Featured 28?7/2017. .... Um, HOW?

Featured 4/8/2017. Wait, HOW?

Chapters (60)

Ever since the return of Nightmare Moon, Princess Celestia has noticed that her student and her friends have been getting into a lot of trouble, so, naturally, she worries that they may end up getting hurt while they're unable to protect themselves. Thus, she assigns a very special guard to keep watch over them, without them knowing, of course.

Ever since he'd met the Princess, he'd been serving her faithfully, how could he not? But when she tells him to head down to Ponyville to keep her student and her friends safe, he can't help but wonder if this is the best use of his time.

Unfortunately for Emerald Skies, a job is a job, and he'd be loathe to ignore an order from his Princess.

Chapters (39)
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