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I write ponies. Sometimes depressing, sometimes random humor. My mind is weird.

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Is Rainbow Dash's loyalty a blessing or a curse?

A short story I felt like writing one day. Humanized.

Beautiful cover art by CuttlefishDreamer

Chapters (1)

The mane six take shelter in a place that is, for now, safe from a disaster occurring outside.

This gruesome tale of violence and death is not recommended for colts, fillies, or the faint of heart.

Chapters (1)

My unicorn parents called me a worthless mud pony. They pushed me every day to overcome my lowly status. When I woke up one morning with my cutie mark, I thought they would love me. I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

It was not destiny or enjoyment that led me to discover the cello and composing. My parents made that decision, deciding before I was born I would continue their family legacy of famous musicians.

They did not realize what that decision would cost them.

Special Thanks and Links:

Cover Art: Dreampaw. The inspiration for the story.
Dramatic reading of Act I-III by Malao567. June 2013
Reading with music by ObabScribbler. June 2014
Song: Hooks and Strings by Reverb Brony. May 2014

Style inspired by H.P. Lovecraft
TypeWriterError: Editor & Rating Board
Gage of Grandiloquence: Editor
The11thWonder: Pre-reader
Nharctic: Pre-reader
Breath of Plagues: My Pinch Editor.
ArgonMatrix: Bad Grammar Exterminator
Daemon of Decay: Advice, also inspired me to write fan fiction. Blame him!

Chapters (3)

Celestia and Scootaloo are homeless in a Ponyville alleyway together. They like to talk about things.

These are the things they talk about.

Note: The crayon scribbles of a plot is done, but the ride never ends story still updates.

Chapters (43)

Inkie Pie was, without any kind of doubt, the most influential musician that ever lived. Born on a rock farm, her strange life would serve as both inspiration and cause for her songs.

This is her story.

Featured on Equestria Daily

Now with a fan sidestory! My True Body

Partially inspired by PonykillerX's art. The cover art was made by him.

Proofread by:

Neko Majin C
Octavia Harmony

To Selbi.

Chapters (11)

When Bon-Bon has to leave Ponyville for a while to deal with a family crisis in Manehattan, Lyra writes her a letter every day. And every day, she gets a letter back. What could possibly be wrong with such loving devotion?

So why is everyone growing steadily more worried about her?

Written for the 2014 Friend-Off on EQD. Based on this picture.

Reviewed by Singularity Dream here.

Chapters (1)

Dear Princess Celestia, this is easy!

Join Twilight Sparkle and her friends as they easily defeat every challenge thrown at them with their awesome friendship powers.

Based on this story:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Overpowered (Equestria Girls)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Overpowered (Season 5)

Chapters (26)

Now Rated Teen because I kind of kill them on a regular basis, but they're immortal so they get better.

The continuing story of those in Canterlot Castle and the surrounding areas. With four immature gods running about, is anybody going to survive? Probably. However, with each day, the madness in Equestria grows and sadly I don't think anyone actually cares anymore.

It's time for Equestria's Crazies; a tale of love, of tasers, comedy and finally me, tormenting as many ponies as possible before I get bored.

[Head's up, this story is an Episodic series. Each chapter is it's own contained "Story" but really it's just whatever I want to happen on that particular day.]


Chapters (43)

Fluttershy lives a normal pony life: Simple needs, good friends, an established reality around her... and so, she starts her day as usual. Until Discord visits. But she has stuff to do.

Warning: Read at your own risk. When I say Random, I mean Random.

Chapters (7)

The newly coronated Princess Twilight suffers an abrupt tragedy. Having lost two loved ones, she begins to question her own mortality, and that of her friends.

AJ, Dash, Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy. . . they are just the beginning. Twilight will live for thousands of years, so every pony she cares about—every pony she will ever care about, will die.

She could barely handle the pain of one funeral, let alone the thought of hundreds of them. Twilight finds a clever way to ensure all of her friends never die. They can’t all be ageless alicorns, but they can all move into Twilight’s Dollhouse. Then they can be best friends forever.

Sequel: Twilight's Dollhouse 2
Fanmade Song: Twilight's Dollhouse

Source: Dreampaw
Editor: Gage of Grandiloquence, Breath of Plagues
Pre-read & Idea pony: TypeWriterError,
v1.1 Revised chapters 1-10 on May 1st 2013
--Pending a few more revisions, including ch. 14
Now on TV Tropes.

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