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It was a secret no-strings-attached relationship, that’s all. A few flings here and there, but that was it… and then, Rarity got a job opportunity that changed everything. She had moved to Canterlot to pursue her career, and time flew by. Now, five years have passed, and she’s lost contact of her Ponyville friends. Upon returning to her hometown, she realizes that everypony has changed in one way or another.

And out of all the news, what she didn’t expect was for Applejack to be a single mother to a four-year-old daughter. Now, that isn’t so much a bombshell on it’s own, but what puzzles Rarity the most is how sensitive her friend is regarding the little filly’s paternity.

After all, that’s what friends are for, aren’t they? To worry about one another?

...well, maybe Rarity is worrying a bit too much - or is she?

Bad cover art made by me. Do I get a "YOU TRIED" sticker? Shoutout to OkemosBrony & twilight-the-pony for editing!
p.s. - take note that this story is AU to all of my other RariJack family stories.

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Applebloom and Sweetie Belle can see plain as day that their sisters like each other. They just won't admit it. Now the duo, with the help of a few of their big sisters' friends, take it upon themselves to bring their sisters closer than ever!

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Vinyl Scratch and Octavia get an apartment together, and nothing out of the ordinary happens. Just two ponies, sharing a nice apartment, in the nice city of Manehattan... Okay, just kidding. That all went down the gutter the moment Octavia met the party pony. In reality, there's partying, drunkenness, loud music, explosions, banging your roommate, and more situations that Octavia can't even comprehend. Well, that's the life she had gotten herself into.

Just a weird, little story I'm trying out.

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