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During her engagement to Shining Armor Princess Cadance makes a new friend, the pegasus businessmare Chrysanthemum Crown. Beautiful, confident, and full of surprises, the two strike up a rapport that brings light to both their lives.

During the preparation for the Invasion of Canterlot, Queen Chrysalis finds herself deep in the good graces of the pony Princess she will replace. And the more she gets to know her, the more she understands why Cadance is the Princess of Love.

Third Place Winner in the Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord Contest
Cover Art by Lopoddity

Chapters (3)

Ember expected to get a few admirers when she became the new dragonlord. Well, more than a few.

She didn't expect that a large number of them would be ponies that she had never even met.

And she really didn't expect them to write physically impossible stories about her and Spike.

She's got a lot of misconceptions to correct. More than she ever expected.

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Find a picture based on the story drawn by Shinodage here!

Find a reading done by ScarlettBlade here!

Sometimes it takes a literal thunderbolt to make you realize just how wrong things have been going in your life, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

After a long night at a bar, and with an unexpected visitor awaiting her at home, Delta Vee is about to experience just that.

This story is entirely based on Shinodage's ask blog telling the story of Delta Vee and her family.
Needless to say, all credit for the characters and places used in this story (as well as the cover image) goes to Shino himself. This story is merely an attempt to delve deeper into the events and relationships hinted at in the blog's storyline.

In case anyone is wondering about the title...

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Celestia is just a dream of a fair and reasonable government. MLP is just a cartoon and Canterlot isn’t a real place. But the fandom is very real......
Everyday gigabytes of data are poured onto the net. It really is the 'all of everything' needed to build a world of MLP and not just Faust's version either. It has all the happy short stories, the tales, the clips and finally, the DarkFics.
So what would happen if all that data about Twilight Sparkle started to think? Like the primordial soup that formed life from the elements? That’s right Bronies, Twilight is seven feet tall with a twenty foot wingspan and is filled with all the hope and despair that’s been poured out over the years of fandom. And worse still, you can’t shoot her, or even touch her, because she's a ghost that runs around the server halls of the world, flashing from one country to another in the blink of an eye.
She loves knowledge, she loves her friends and she likes to organise things, 'just so'. And in her eyes, our world and our lives look chaotic and messy. Prepare to be organised!
Audio Book; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7jlJX6pWD_c

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Now with an audio reading by Skijarama!

Now with a print version available for order!

A purple Alicorn shows up one night and then vanishes into thin air. Many wouldn't think anything of it besides how strange it was.

Not Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash has met that Alicorn before.

The implication it brings and the guilt that follows leaves Rainbow Dash with questions weighing on her mind.

Luckily, in the crushing pain of reality, she still has friends.


Cover art created by the extremely talented invertigo and paid for by the amazingly awesome Shipmun. Oh my gosh it's just so cool.

Chapters (15)

Two passengers on a train ride toward an uncertain future. One is a pony. The other only pretends to be.

Sex is tame and non-explicit. Don't be afraid to read.

Written expressly for Equestria Daily's Outside Insight Summer Fanfiction Contest.

Now with a dramatic reading by Illya Leonov!

Russian translation courtesy of Arsus.
Chinese translation courtesy of viczhn.
French translation courtesy of BroNie.

Inspired by the artwork of RubleGun and Raddjuret. Musical accompaniment by Patrick Poe.

Featured at Equestria Daily and the Royal Canterlot Library.

Reader Testimonials

"Vinyl + Octavia is one of the fandom's most cliché and mismatched pairs, and yet this is a real romance with genuine depth and emotion." - horizon
"Holy shit this is impressive. Like... Holy shit, man." - Skeeter The Lurker
"You have crafted something wonderful here, a true gem. You should be proud." - Illya Leonov
"Note that I hate this ship when I say this is far and away the best ScratchTavia I've ever read." - PresentPerfect
"Fuuuuck it's so good!" - Luminary

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How do you deal with the unexplainable? Some just accept it for what it is. Others seek tirelessly for the truth, examining every possibility. And some decide it doesn't actually exist. Only Twilight could have the sheer gumption to decide that magic is impossible... and be right.

Chapters (17)

The Wonderbolts may be the greatest fliers in Equestria, but overseas in the griffin lands, aviation has become all but synonymous with the name of Gerard Goldenwings. Word gets out that the living legend is vacationing in Equestria, and rumor has it he's looking to take on an apprentice. Rainbow Dash is eager to meet him and prove herself worthy of his tutelage, but she must first perform one simple task: catching a certain special bird.

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Equestria is a nation on the edge of disaster after the devastation caused by the Lunar Rebellion. Beset on all sides by nefarious enemies, vicious foreign invaders, insane Lunar cultists, malicious fey, and diabolical conspirators all threaten Equestria’s borders and stability. Midnight Sparkle, daughter of Archmagus Sunbeam Sparkle and herself a newly minted Magus of Equestria, soon finds herself embroiled in the chaos surrounding her homeland. But what hope does a single unicorn have against so many overwhelming threats?

A chronological sequel to The Lunar Rebellion.

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Our lives are journeys, and each year is a landmark. From the day we're born to the day we die, we live, learn, and love, and we leave our mark on the world behind us. And while some of us live in cages, not aspiring for greatness, some of us were born ready to shatter the bars and soar free.

My name is Sierra. This is my life.

Written for EFNW Scribblefest 2017. Prereading provided by Petrichord, Web Of Hope, and SolidFire

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