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Sol was a stallion living a secret life, but after an incident involving his father's side of the family, he was hidden away and sealed within a crystal. That was over one thousand years ago, and has since then remained dormant, waiting to be awakened to aid Equestria in a time of dire need, or when it's finally safe enough for him to return. At least, that's how it was supposed to go.

Having been accidentally awoken, Sol must now adjust to the present world, cope with what he's lost with time, sort out his growing feelings for another pony, and eventually, accept his position in this modern-day Equestria. However, even after a thousand years, some grudges aren't so easily forgotten.

Note: Tags may be added as the story progresses.

First Featured on 3/25/17:pinkiehappy:

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So, I was living a fairly normal life, going to school, reading fanfics, marvelling at the magnificence of the internet and humanity at large, you know, a totally normal person. Then, suddenly, I wasn't. No biggie, because every brony's dream came true for me: I was reborn as a pony, an Alicorn even! That sounds great, right? Ah, aha, um, nope! Not when I'm the "son" of God-Empress Celestia of the Holy Empire of Equestria, who would make even the Imperium of 40k balk at her xenophobia and egomania. Well, I've got magic, that has to count for something, right?

If you would, please contribute to my Patreon, where you can support me and commission stories: Link

2017-07-09: Holy salmon, I've been featured. My first ever story got featured. In 3 days. I have no idea what I did to have the honour, but thank you all!

Edit: Here's a picture of the main character, Solus:

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Matthew was a simple man. A tech support specialist from Nondescript, USA. He had a simple life, filled with all the monotony that having a career you don't care about can bring.
But then he wakes one morning to find himself in a new world, very unlike his own.
Now two years after his... relocation to Equestria, he's found himself a family in the zebra Amiti and his daughter Maya. He thinks dealing with recurring nightmares and the tribulations of adjusting to being a father are the worst of his worries, but sometimes fate just has more in store for you.
Heartwarming family misadventures ahead!

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(First displace story crossover of Kuja from Final Fantasy 9.)

I should've expect when I got separated from my brother at a big convention.

After purchasing my favorite Kuja costume and bonus materials I got from the weird merchant outfit man, I suddenly blacked out and woke up in another world as young Kuja in front of a young Anthro lavender mare... Twilight Sparkle? Apparently, I'm a large room with all ponies just staring at me funny.

My arrival of being a displaced Kuja can slightly change Equestria's timeline. At least I won't have to damper up anything and just enjoy of being Kuja the good/bad guy, chill, strongest, and patient mage from final fantasy 9.

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Alright, so, what do you get when you mix a bored Discord, a human, and a little bit of chaotic magic? C'mon, I think you know what happens....

Well, to be honest, it's not as much as anyone would expect, since this little fic takes place after Discord's reformation. So no checkerboard landscapes anytime soon.

But... high jinks are still liable.

(Sex tag for lewd dialogue)

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If I had known that buying that mansion- and island -off the coast of Crete was going to come with portals to Equestria's past and present, I would have bought a cabin in Brazil.

Should have done my homework first.

This story was originally posted as an Idea by deeed22, so some of the ideas are his.

Others belong to my muse.

All characters other than OC's belong to Hasbro.

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On a fateful night, Alex wins the divine lottery and is approached by Hermes, an Olympian god. He is promised one wish, whatever it may be.

Alas, the encounter doesn't quite work out like he hoped it would.

Alex finds himself thrown into a world that is wholly unfamiliar to him. Gone are his dreams of meeting the mane six. He doesn't even have the luxury of keeping his human form.

Having to deal with an unfamiliar surrounding and a new body, this story follows him on his way to find his own place in this alien world.

Character tags will be added as they become relevant. Teen rating is mostly for some bloody scenes. (nothing too gory). Also, the prologue plays far off in the
future of this story and we won't be returning to that point in quite some time.

Join the Discord, where you can discuss the story, but also just make new friends!

Divine Universe, the FimFic group all about the Divine Entertainment universe!

Arrival Arc:
Chapter 1 - 9
23,198 Words

Journey Arc:
Chapter 10 - 28
48,381 Words

Scholar Arc:
Chapter 29 - 63
133,627 Words

Disclaimer: You may encounter several broken image links in the notes of this story... sorry.

Chapters (64)

This story is a sequel to My Little Dashie: Fourth Times the Charm

A man gets transported to Equestria thanks to a particularly strange event.

After doing some pretty dastardly things, he finds himself on the run from the law and ends up in the presence of one of the most unlikeliest characters who gives him a strange deal: find out the true meaning of friendship and the magic therein within one month, or spend the rest of his life imprisoned in limbo.

With his freedom on the line, the man has to learn the value of friendship and what he learns could change his life. For better or worse, only time can tell.

- Set around +10 years from the current time-line
- Story has ceased being canon
- Story has characters from various stories (with authorization from their authors)
- Strong language from the start (i.e. lots of swearing)
- Cover art by Ephemurai
- Pictures by LuckyBreak
- Old cover art - 2
- Old cover art - 1

List of OC's and Characters

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Orion wasn't always a pegasus... as a matter of fact, he wasn't even a pony. He was once a human, a Brony even. But one night while dreaming of life in Equestria, he accidentally makes a wish that Luna is all too happy to oblige. So what happens when you're lucky enough to be plucked from life on Earth to live as a pony in Equestria?
Well if you're Orion, you get mobbed by a party whirlwind named Pinkie, accidentally get genderswapped by a distracted friend, entertain a Goddess of the night at a sleepover, and get into situations with a certain red farmer that start rumors that you're both colt cuddlers...

and did we mention that that's just the first week?

Buckle in for a long ride, because the story doesn't end until things turn normal again, and as we all know, normal doesn't seem to exist in Ponyville.

contains feels, romance, adventure, comedy, and of course, a Human.... just don't tell Lyra...

EDIT- Story is on hiatus as of 12-23-2013 for editing and rewriting. So far, the expected date for the next update will be sometime in late January, early February.

Chapters (31)

Shattered Skies has lived quite some time. He had done well for himself over the past few thousand years; staying out of the public eye and remaining generally uninvolved from pony society while he tended his forests.

Who wouldn't want that, right?

His job came with excellent security and fringe benefits, but after he was betrayed by a princess he trusted, all he wants to do is to live a normal life even if the world tells him otherwise.

Oc disclaimer: The original characters that appear in the story that are not my own have been obtained from the original owners via written permission.

Chapters (55)