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You are Anon. Or, at least, you used to be. Sort of. Now you're a filly. Let's just say, you're not thrilled with the change. And with it comes some unforeseen consequences.

Edited by Alex_

Chapters (7)

You ever get so lost in the woods behind your house that you wound up in another world? Because Link did. Twice. Now he must attempt to find his way home, assuming the timberwolves and giant equines do not get to him first. Or perhaps he can learn how to be a child again. There's just one way to find out.

Updates random and likely infrequent. In the name of being different, instead of making a disclaimer of how I don't own it, I'm going to come out and say I own Nintendo and Hasbro.

Chapters (25)

Rainbow totally has the hots for the new country girl, but her parents have never - and never will - approve of her sexuality. Would her friends? Would she even like her back?

Every day spent with her makes Rainbow's secret harder and harder to keep.

Pre-reader's: AJtheRaven, P-Berry, Dustchu, Super57
This seriously wouldn't be 1/10th as good if it weren't for AJtheRaven.

Cover art by the glorious Skoparov

Alt. cover art by the deliciously talented HoodwinkedTales.
Alt. Alt. cover art by the legendary EZTP

Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Enjoy

Chapters (3)

For a millennium they have lurked in darkness, sustaining their deathless (~42%) legion through dank rituals and planning their return.

Now they are driven from their lair by a shortage of the essence that sustains them, and only one mare stands in the way of their inexorable conquest of Equestria.

The good news is, that mare is Limestone Pie. And she is having none of their noise.

This story appeared in the March 2017 Writeoff, "Rising From the Ashes"! Cover art sources: 1 2 3 4.

Chapters (1)

Night One

"Why is she standing out there? What does she want?"

Night Two

"There's something off about her...."

Night Three

"That's not Fluttershy..."

Chapters (1)

Within his final moments, an inmate of the Rainbow Factory struggles with the reality of his situation. Every single second that ticks before his certain death, the pegasis questions the truth to what is really going on in the facility. Ultimately writing them down in a discovered journal, he talks about those frequent questions and the role he plays in this twisted place.

Edited by tommal
Based on the song "Feed The Machine" by Nickelback

Blunt Reviewed by ChudoJogurt
Reviewed by Fallen Angel N

Audio Reading by Swift Blade Productions

Chapters (1)

Colgate, of the British Dental Association, is rather more forward than most oral hygienists.

Chapters (1)

Growing feelings for someone in text form is one thing, but what happens when you meet for the first time? Anon meets his long time penpal and crush from overseas, Aryanne

Chapters (1)

Robbie Rotten, after numerous failed attempts to pursue and catch the super sporty Sporticus now sets his villainy eyes (and chin) on someone who flies around more than flips around.

Or rather, somepony.

He fails spectacularly.

Crossover with MLP and Lazytown.

Update: Hit the top of the featured box on 12/25/16. I guess this fic really is "number one".

Unfortunately, our lovable lazy antagonist suffers from pancreatic cancer in real life. If you so wish, you may donate to Stephan Karl (aka: Robbie Rotten) to help him out. Such a great man deserves the best treatment.

Update: Robbie Rotten has passed away. He will always be number one in all of our hearts.

Chapters (1)

Anon's dead, apparently, and Death has come to claim his soul. There's just one problem: he doesn't want to go. And there's nothing Death can do to make him.

Chapters (1)
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