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Princess Luna recalled her life with the company of her favorite treat: coffee. She drank it whenever something bothered her, like the looming threat of day court in the morning.

Only, she wished it was just that.

Pre-read by Not Enough Coffee.

A rework of the 2014 fanfic, since the original account that the story was ported to was deleted by accident. Check this blog for more information.

Sad tag for the second chapter.

Chapters (2)

Berry Punch has a horrible drinking problem, but all she sees is a cycle that she indulges in. She wants to get out of it now, but why move on from something that tastes so good? Why move on from something that becomes natural to do?

Chaos and death have the answers, and it sure isn't pretty.

Inspired by anonpencil's series of Berry Punch stories.

Please check out the artist of the coverart, Lupiarts!

Chapters (1)

When Twilight needs a pardon, Celestia is there to provide. When Twilight doesn’t need one, Celestia still provides.

Chapters (1)

Yona experiences the wonders of a nice cup of cocoa on a cold winter day for the first time, and she's eager to share her discovery with her friends and family back home!

Yakyakistan may never recover.

Edited by Muggonny, MissytheAngle

Prereading by BootyPopperzZz

Cover art by Trickate

An entry in The Discovery, a Student 6 Writing Contest.

A retrospective on the story.

Now with a Spanish translation!

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle is always delighted when her mentor Princess Celestia invites her to Canterlot to talk, and all the more now since she's the designated heir to the Equestrian throne. Celestia even got her this neat new shortwave radio!

A Random Comedy-type Crossover one-shot which is just one big Bioshock reference. A spiritual successor to Mi Amore Cadenz-Ur, a similar video game shitpost whose reception I was pleasantly surprised with.

EDIT: Heh, Non-mature featured 3/20/20. Heh.

Chapters (1)

Princesses Celestia and Luna have a favorite niece, but unfortunately she's been acting a little strange. Determined to get to the bottom of things, they pay her a visit.

A story that is effectively One Big Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind reference. You've been warned.

Cover art by Probablydnon.

Chapters (1)

Everypony knows you aren't supposed to open your Hearth's Warming presents early. Twilight isn't usually one to break the rules, but with an empty castle a day before traveling to Canterlot, she asks Spike for a special, early gift.

EDIT: Featured #4 just a few hours after posting!
EDIT: AUDIO READING LINK from StraightToThePointStudio!

Chapters (1)

Gallus doesn't want to go home for summer. With a little gentle persuasion, he gets his friends on board to keep him out of Griffonstone, though none of them are quite sure how to do it; that is, until Silverstream hatches a scheme.

All he has to do is join the Hippogriff Navy. It's not the relaxing summer away from school that he hoped for, but hey, it promises to be interesting! Who knows what three months as a sailor could bring?

Adventure? Certainly.

Self-discovery? For sure.

A sea battle with a band of renegade pirates? Anything's possible.


Pssh. Yeah, right.

Edited by a crew of scallywags who mean the world to me. In no particular order: MissyTheAngle, Freglz, Muggonny, Semillon, FamousLastWords

Special thanks to Pascoite for his assistance.

Cover art commissioned from the incomparable Marenlicious!

Curious about how the next chapter is coming along? Check my user page for regularly updated progress reports!

Chapters (11)

When Sweetie Belle is responsible for watching Carousel Boutique, a kirin comes in for a haircut. The customer is always right.

Another Entry in the Feghoot Competition because why not.

Chapters (1)

Being a Princess of Equestria is a hard and lonely job. Princess Cadance knows this firsthoof, and if it wasn't for her faithful husband Shining Armor, she would be grumpy too!

Still, she can't just sit by and watch her beloved aunts waste away in loneliness and anger! Maybe that old mirror hidden in her castle holds a solution...

Cover Art by TJPones

EDIT: Featured like 20 mins after posting (lol nice) on 6/3/19.

EDIT: #1 just a few hours after posting! Glad you all are liking it :3

Chapters (1)
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