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Sunny Starscout was ventured far and wide and accomplished her dream of uniting the three tribes, bestowing a new era for Equestria.

But her hunger for adventure was far from complete. Just a few days after the ending of their journey, she huddled her friends and supplies to travel to the far west to uncover ancient ruins that were once a critical location to Equestria's lost history.

If her father's research was correct, the town's name was Ponyville.


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It's the end of a chapter in the book of the Mane 6, and that's still a sad, sad thing. But perhaps, if Discord just stays with her, then Fluttershy can start a new chapter in the book of her own life.

A life with him.

Written for Day 6 of Fluttercord Week, 2022.

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Warning: The following story is currently unedited and contains scenes that may be too intense for audiences. Honestly, this is more of a thought experiment than anything, especially given the idea of a what if.

Zecora had created a monster.

What was originally meant to be a birthday present for Applebloom as a game that has influences of her home country has the potential to cause chaos and devistation. In the process of creating a cardless game with a gem that would read out random events, something had gone wrong. So in an attempt to dismantle the game, she turned to Twilight in hopes to use magical means to take it apart safely.

Unfortunately, Smolder and Gallus had discovered the game. And out of boredom, decided they should play it with their friends.

After all, it's just a game... right?

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Celestia has sent her sister to the Moon. It had to be done; she could not risk Nightmare Moon destroying everything they had achieved together. Yet the events of that fateful day haunt her, reminding her of what her negligence led to, what pain it brought upon herself and her sister. Without her sister to ward away the nightmares, she wakes up screaming every night, having witnessed the Elements banish Nightmare Moon.

Yet, tonight's dreams are worse.

Rated Teen for descriptions of violence and blood.

Inspired by Mourning Zephyr's A Sun Without A Moon and On Wings Of Moonlight by Aurelleah.

Cover art by the talented applejackofalltrades.

Special thanks to AuroraDawn, applejackofalltrades, Dewdrops on the Grass, Emotion Nexus, Salespony, Sledge115, and Xrevias for proofreading, and to HapHazred, Shaslan, The Sleepless Beholder, Stinium_Ruide, and Speccer for editing. This story wouldn't be as half as good without all of your help.

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Almost a week has passed since all three pony tribes were reunited and the magic returned, and Sunny Starscout's mind is consumed by a question: what happened? The question in itself is simple, but the answer isn't so. And after discovering a hidden page in her dad's journal, Sunny finds a clue that begins a long train of investigating that takes her and her friends across Equestria and beyond, to find out what happened all those years ago, to finally find the answers Sunny's been wanting about the Fall of Equestria.

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Set sometime before Season 8 Episode 16- The Hearth's Warming Club

Hearth's Warming Eve is just around the corner, and the School of Friendship is buzzing with activity for the holidays to start. It all changes for Silverstream, who gets to see her first snowfall for the first time since the Storm King's defeat. Her friends probably should have told her to wrap up warm before venturing out in the cold though...

Inspiration from the snowstorm in the UK right now

Artwork: Winter Silverstream
By cheezedoodle96

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Sunny never expected to have an adventure, but that's exactly what recent days have thrown at her. And with that turbulent time now over, she and all the ponies she has come to know look ahead to a bright future of fun and friendship.

Will contain Spoilers for My Little Pony: A New Generation.

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A chance to do school away from school and visit the exotic breezies has the CMC packing their saddlebags! They are ready for a new adventure, and it'll be their smallest one yet!

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Moving to a new place isn’t always easy; nopony knows that better than Starjack and Beebo. They’ve moved several times recently, always looking for a new place to call home. They thought Manehattan a good place to live, but after several months, they’ve decided to once again weigh their proverbial anchor and find a new life in a new town. Ponyville sounds nice this time of year.

They reach their destination, and receive a very unorthodox welcome from some of the locals. Unorthodox, but still fun. They decide to stay, putting together a fine home for themselves to live in while they find their bearings and make new friends.

From dealing with rude ponies to interacting with robots, from teaching at a school for friendship to attending invention conventions, Star and Beebs have their hooves full.

However, the two of them are keeping a deep secret to themselves. A secret that, if discovered, could lead to the pair being ripped apart from each other. The secret must be kept hidden, for both of their sakes. As long as there’s nothing that forces their hooves, that should be an easy task… Right?

This is meant to take place after the generation finale.

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This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia The Changeling Queen: Stories Behind the Mask

At the Royal Wedding, Chrysalis and the Changelings were revealed to all of Equestria.

But another mask was torn away that day. A mask born for a thousand years. A mask created on one promise. A mask, that has become synonymous, fused, to its bearer.

A mask that when ripped off, causes Twilight, her friends and Luna to question everything they ever knew about the one pony, one very important pony.

At the Royal Wedding, the meaning of the phrase 'Princess Celestia' changes forever.

NOTE: Chrysalis is NOT Celestia!!! That'd be impossible to pull off.

Credits to: Plainoasis for the design of the cover art
Note 2: Original cover art here: https://angelea-phoenix.deviantart.com/art/Contest-entry-Changeling-Celestia-337023552

Pre-read/edited by Zervziel,
Courage Fire
Aurora Borealis

Side Stories to this can be found: here.

Contribute to the TV Tropes Page (thanks to Babs_Seed72 for getting it up)

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