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I am a Mark of Babylon. Many ponies view me as the villain. The reasons why I understand. My coat, my face, my eyes, my name, and my intention to murder. However I hope to help anyway I can.

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Once upon a time, a young man finds himself inside the very pony universe he only just became a fan of, during the very first episode in one of the many forms of Equestria's inhabitants. How did he get there? Why was he here? What must he do to return home? And, most importantly, why in God's name was he slowly growing feelings for a certain studious equine?

Join the befuddled human-turned-Earth-Pony as he aids the Mane Six in their adventures through every season by every episode in his own goal of returning back home with his limited knowledge of events, while they in turn teach the criticizing outsider the true meaning of friendship and what it means to have fun.

It will be trying on all ends; as the residents of Ponyville must deal with his dry humoured nature, and he in turn must deal with their warm innocent demeanor's.

One thing's for certain with this world: the fate of all who inhabit the equine world, alongside his tolerance and mental stability, may just be on the line...

(I don't like the ratings system. Never had, never will. Please stop assuming my turning it off for some kind of 'cowardice;' it's nothing of the sort. Comments have been switched off because of this abuse.)

(Cover by Mix-up: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/195663/Mix-up)

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While out for a long awaited date night, Discord and Fluttershy entrust Spike to care for there precious filly, Screwball. Sure she's the daughter of the most chaotic being in Equestria, but she's still just a filly. Things won't be too bad....right?

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Before he returned to his land, Scorpan went to see his brother in Tartarus. Scorpan decides it's time the two had a talk.

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After Rarity says something that breaks his heart, Spike snaps and storms out of her boutique. Leaving Rarity confused by the last words he said before he left. Discord appears and decides takes her on a little trip through time to show her how Spike really feels about her.

This story takes place during the events of Simple Ways and after the events of Twilight's Kingdom.

Edit: Cover art by dm29
Edit: Featured 8/1/14

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Spike's got three whole days to himself while Twilight is away at the Crystal Empire. Three whole days to be independent and free to do whatever he wants.

Or he would have, if a female dragon hadn't mistaken him for an abandoned hatchling. Now he's been snatched up and taken to her home to be "properly cared for."

Stuck in a cave with an overly-protective dragon intent on mothering him...maybe he should have just gone with Twilight.

Thanks to QueenCold for letting me use this picture of theirs as cover art!

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The Cakes got an order for a certain treat, one of the ingredients calls for a certain berry, and is known to grow only on the Everfree Forest. Pinkie gladly agrees to fetch the berries, and decides to take a break while she's there. Though strange things begin to happen, she decides to end her break early and goes back to the Bakery, until she is stopped by a strangely comical hooded skeleton.

Got the cover pic from the Tumblr Page here.

An Undertale & MLP mashup. Contains crappy puns and minor spooks.

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For Pinkie Pie, there is no such thing as "too much" fun. Her friends can attest to that.
So of course she's happy when she meets some new friends. Not only that, but two of them even say they can cook! Which is good, because they need to pay off a debt within moments of entering the building.

What could possibly go wrong?

WARNING: Contains Undertale spoilers

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Something I just couldn't get off my mind until I wrote it down. Be warned: the ponies in these battles really go off on each other. Almost exactly like it is in "Epic Rap Battles of History", except with less cursing. There's plenty of verbal bashing, though.

Vinyl Scratch is the DJ for most of these battles, and will be doing the all-caps commentary (except for the ones she's in, of course). OC tag because of slight self-insert.

I've heard that this story is better when read with someone else. You know, with each person doing one half of the rap battle? :derpytongue2:

List of Rap Battles (as per request)
#1: Twilight Sparkle vs. Rainbow Dash
#2: Pinkie Pie vs. Rarity
#3: Spa Sisters vs. Flim Flam Brothers
#4: Octavia vs. Vinyl Scratch
#5: Angel vs. Gummy
#6: Derpy Hooves (Ditzy Doo?) vs. Lyra Heartstrings
#7: Princess Luna vs. Discord
#8: Scootaloo vs. Pipsqueak
#9: Fluttershy vs. Screwball
#10: Apple Bloom vs. Diamond Tiara
#11: Trixie vs. Featherweight
#12: Silver Spoon vs. Spike
#13: Sweetie Belle vs. Queen Chrysalis
#14: Applejack vs. Carrot Top
#15: Bon-Bon vs. Lyra Heartstrings
#16: Twilight Sparkle vs. Rainbow Dash (rematch!)
#17: Big Macintosh vs. Shining Armor
#18: Iron Will vs. Photo Finish
#19: Gilda vs. Prince Blueblood
#20: Nightmare Moon vs. the Doctor (Doctor Whooves)
#21: Princess Celestia vs. Princess Luna
#22: Snips and Snails vs. Twist and Ruby Pinch
#23: Braeburn vs. Soarin'
#24: Zecora vs. Cheerilee
#25: Winona vs. Opalescence
#26: Derpy Hooves vs. Pinkie Pie
#27: Spitfire vs. Daring Do
#28: Princess Cadence vs. Queen Chrysalis
#29: Babs Seed vs. Lightning Dust
#30: Sunset Shimmer vs. Trixie *
#31: tba

Picture by Silversnow here on this site.

...should there be a 'sex' tag, considering some of the stuff brought up in the rap battles? :applejackunsure:

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